Wall Art

In the last couple of months I made some new friends Don and Agnes who have recently moved to Cebu from Qatar. One of the things that came up in a conversation is the artwork that Agnes produces as she is a keen painter. Now in the Philippines most houses are pretty plain with wall features. Which if your selling a house in the UK you would call it a blank canvas which is basically what you have a wall with nothing on it. So the paintings that Agnes produces is ideal for hanging in your front room/bedrooms etc. because they are mainly floral by design adding colour to any room aswell as personally made art which could go up in value. I’ve added a slideshow below but to be honest the photographs don’t do the paintings any justice so will be retaking some photos soon with my camera (might aswell it cost me over £1000 and I mainly use it for family pictures so would be nice to do something that its designed for).

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

If your interested in purchasing some Art or more information contact myself or go to www.agnesdale.tropicalpenpals.com