VOSA Checks in Norwich “Operation Mermaid”

I was riding along the A47 Dual track towards Norwich the other day when I was flagged down by a motorcycle and forced to follow him to a recycling centre. For some reason “operation Mermaid” had dragged me into its net. I will add a photo later but i waited in the queue of several vehicles (I had borrowed a transit van for a couple of weeks from my father as my brother was using the car). It was surprising to me how much tax payers money was being wasted. There were around 6 Police officers standing around chatting aswell as the 1 motorcycle police that had pulled me over. 4 Police cars left sat doing nothing at the depot and one further along left at the side of the road obviously don’t want us to assume they misuse tax funds..lol and the Police motorcycle. Then Customs and Excise alongside VOSA. In total there were around 30 Government workers paid for by idiots like me who pay tax every week standing around doing very little while they checked over 5 vehicles. May sound a bit stupid here but didn’t we invest a fortune in a computer system that tells big brother that the vehicle is taxed, insured has an M.O.T. and even if they need my driver details it could be done at the side of the road? But then again VOSA wanted to do a vehicle inspection but if they had checked the M.O.T. before wasting an hour of my time they would have found it had only just been done a few weeks earlier. I can understand why some of these actions are in place but surely the best place to stick these pen pushers is at the Ports catching the faulty trucks coming from Europe that are killing people on a regular basis? Norfork is a nightmare for Traffic police and speed cameras never seen so many 20 and 30 zones in a region that is so wide open with fields. It must add an hour to my day for travel where other counties are a 60 limit where im forced to do 30 in Norfolk.

Police statistics have revealed that nearly one in five of foreign drivers randomly stopped on UK roads is in breach of the country’s motoring laws. The numbers add up to nearly double that of UK offenders.

The report, published by the Department for Transport, came after a crackdown was implemented by police forces across the UK to tackle rogue drivers – both foreign and British. During the operation, 6,689 drivers were stopped randomly, out of which 11.1 per cent were found to be committing an offence – a statistic that equates to 4.77 million drivers on UK roads. 3.4 per cent of those stopped were found to be committing a serious offence, such as having no insurance or driving while disqualified.

The problem was most prominent in young, male, foreign drivers operating older vehicles. In total, 88 of the drivers randomly stopped were foreign, out of which 19.5 per cent were found to be committing a motoring offence.

The report said: "Checks on non-UK drivers driving UK registered vehicles were significantly more likely to find incidences of non compliance than checks on UK drivers."

However, the report also revealed that the number of rogue drivers on UK roads has decreased significantly, with fewer drivers found to be driving without insurance, a driver’s licence, or MOT than in 2006.


Am I being racist or do the facts speak for themselves? But then again the queue of vehicles I sat in not one was a foreign one. Yet another tick in the U.K. Governments box for Policing its own people unfairly. Before you think I am too biast one thing you have to look at is UK companies are unlikely to encourage the tactics that are being done by foreign truckers. E.g. fitting magnets to Tachographs as the company is based here and likely to get in serious problems aswell as the driver. Where as someone such as Hungarian Gabor Fuksz who was eventually jailed by Truro magistrates for travelling at over 80MPH in his 44 ton truck after he tampered with the Tachograph and also disabled the vehicle limitations. The truth is too many truckers are entering the UK with total disregard for safety. They adjust the hours and will drive through the night. Aswell as to often the trucks aren’t road worthy. But then again we are seeing a constant drop in UK Haulage as we have been sold out to Europe for cheaper operators. But cheap doesn’t always mean good!

Anyway what has this got to do with the Philippines? Simply the fact is I just feel so hassled in the UK either via the fact you have to process so much paperwork these days for simple things to get done or receive penalty notices or the fact big brother is now swallowing up not only so much tax revenues but my time aswell. Come on December I want to go home!! The land where nobody cares what I am doing as long as its not upsetting anyone else take me to the Philippines any day! The UK seems to walk round like it has a cork up its butt these days but its ok to act Imperial if you are an Imperial power but its not.. Its like Rome and watching it crumble at earthquake.. We have left labour sharks and chimps in charge who simply look out for personal gain and haven’t a clue what they are doing.

2 comments for “VOSA Checks in Norwich “Operation Mermaid”

  1. joe downey
    September 23, 2011 at 7:47 am

    Possibly this is an old article Matt, but it`s ironic that the country you despise and complain about on a regular basis is now the place you are returning to, I guess patriotism don`t count, just using your birth right for money,only recently PI was the place to come too, flip flop.

  2. Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
    September 23, 2011 at 8:18 am

    Patroitism is a myth sold to encourage people to put up and shut up. In the same way speaking out about moderate muslims in the UK assist extreme muslims in both cashflow and recruiting in the UK is classed as racism.

    Philippines is a retirement haven and will be for as long as people’s pensions don’t bomb to a point its not viable. But then again with an inward economy its very likely that would balance out over time anyway (as OFW’s wouldn’t be so competative abroad).

    The UK is a cash cow where its easy to make good money if your “SKILLED” most people grumbling about the recession are in the low skilled market. Engineering jobs are still fairly easy to come by for example as there was a shortage developing in 2000 of 50,000 vacancies in the UK a year due to people picking IT skills and things like “social studies” over practical skill markets.

    At the same time the UK has also started to change compared to when that article was written over 2 years ago as the UK is starting to wake up and force some badly needed changes. Grumbling and complaining about what is wrong with the UK may not interest you at the same time its how the governments and corporations wasted all our money everyone just sat back and thought of themselves. I for one are happy to complain in the hope others start to wake up. The fact that everyone was complaining about youth destroying shopping areas during the riots showed the fact people may want to sit with blinkers but eventually it hits the fan and you can’t ignore it.

    Now the other point here if you have been reading up on the UK and why I am going back its down to education for the kids but also there is opportunity there in my old fields as well as the fact it will give me capital for more investment in the Philippines. The whole problem with doing things in the Philippines is its VERY SLOW. Business is developing here but things that would take me hours or days in the UK takes months in the Philippines and can often lead to dead ends as people pull out for various reasons.

    So yes going back to the UK,I owe the country nothing in the same way it owes me nothing (Well nothing I will get back). People talk about the country gave me an education etc, but in reality did it?? My parents paid taxes, the country gave very little for the amount it takes. So can’t understand why your talking about Patriotism as the indentity of being British has changed to a point where it makes no sense.