Volunteering In The Philippines

Its something I have done before but not as much as I would like to have done purely down to marketing from many of the organisations or lack of it. At the same time doesn’t mean projects are hard to find as a quick search round the internet you will find some project run by an NGO,Charity or church in your area of the Philippines. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience as well as varied. Sometimes things are about cleaning up an area rather than helping the poor at the same time more of the community based initiatives could actually bring about real change in the Philippines.

If you fancy doing a bit of volunteering I advise dropping an email to a charity that operates here and they aren’t too difficult to find online but too many to list on this post. My main interests myself are co-operative working and community building as these types of projects can offer independent working which keeps many things out of the hands of the corrupt as its localised. It is surprising what goes on in specific areas and I am seriously thinking about looking to develop something myself although currently not 100% except for promoting co-operative goods abroad to increase co-operative exports which in turn can create more jobs and value to the community long-term.