Visting Jovie at Bindoy, Negros oriental, Philippines (Negros Trip Part 7)

boy carrying water bindoy, negros philippines We arrived in Bindoy to find it a quiet almost village like atmosphere Jovie’s landlady was a nice woman who was previously a teacher. We discussed politics and generally what goes on in Negros Oriental. One of the things that came up was that a lot of pesticides that are used on the Mango plantations higher up in the hills gets into the water causing problems for the fish farmers and polluting the river water. Besides that we got onto discussions about how hard life is in the mountains for people to survive with low incomes and hardships from the farming as they lack machinery and modern education. Most of the kids are put to work as soon as they hit 15 but no doubt even start work earlier than that in many cases as I see things like kids carrying water along the streets every day. But more importantly the value of a water buffalo for a community and education seem to be two of the things that could make a huge difference to mountain life for an area. Not everyone needs a water buffalo all year round which is why cooperative farming and sharing livestock would actually assist everyone as no single person would have the burden of the expense of keeping the water buffalo at the same time everyone benefits from its ability when it comes to farming and transportation.

It was also great to see at the back of the house a traditional dirty kitchen that even though the sun was high in the sky due to its design the building was naturally ventilated. The photo below is the traditional clay cooking stoves that are still used in the dirty kitchen. The bench sitting areas made from bamboo were also surprisingly comfortable and we spent a couple of hours chatting here on the second day.

traditional clay stove for cooking in the Philippines

Jovie’s landlady also had a beautiful garden I managed to snap a few shots of her plants and orchids and to be honest even the peppers seemed to be a radiant red and dust free. We often find our garden due to the dust in the road and the rain that we get dust pretty much in everything which is why I often wash down the walls etc every day just to take a layer of dust off. Its part of the natural beauty that I do love the Philippines once you get away from the cities as there is so much plant life pretty much everywhere!

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Jovie by now was keen to show us our beach hut accommodation which to be honest you can’t really complain at a sitting area with bench seats below and a bedroom as well as balcony area for P200. I have added it onto the next article post purely because I took photos and video of it as I found it a real bargain for P200.