Visiting the Philippines on vacation

Although living here full-time I don’t get too involved in the tourism industry purely because like most people that live near something you never seen to go to something that is near your home. E.g. beaches that are golden white sands when you first moved there you loved them but after 10 years you don’t even notice the beaches. The thing is the Philippines is a holiday destination that can offer a vacation to suit almost any budget as the only heavy expense seems to be the flight. The Philippines by its diverse cultures as well as natural beauty and wide animal variety can offer some of the most wonderful things to see on any vacation.

Dropping down to Malapascua island for example you can spend a day diving with Thresher sharks or for those looking for just a pleasant break doing nothing relaxing on the sandy beaches that can be found on many of the islands or even a boat trip to a sandbank for a more private and unique trip.

The main thing though ahead of travelling is doing your research on the areas your visiting the marketing for most things is terrible so you could actually miss a lot of things purely because you didn’t know they exist. Scouring blogs for things to see and do in the Philippines as well as going through peoples photo blogs you can start to map out your trip and get ideas on what you want out of your vacation to the Philippines. All in all though for sure with a bit of research and planning it will be a trip to remember and hopefully one that will bring you again.