Visit the Philippines jump in at the deep end!

Matt-Wilkie-at-the-bottom-of-swimming-Pool-Tropical-Penpals-600-x-450The Philippines is still home to me and my family and although we will begin traveling more soon its still where we have our roots. Many people stop themselves from traveling and yet doing it you will see that your missing so much more in the wider world. The worry over the mortgage, what about your job? The fact is your sticking yourself to at least 20 years of following like sheep. Where do successful people come from? The answer is by doing things differently. When you see the difference between wealthy private education and government funded see any difference?

Because schooling is orientated around preparing you for the working world, its not there to promote you or push you forward in life its there to produce people who can conform. Bit like the debt situation in the West where we are encouraged to spend, spend spend yet at the same time its bad not to repay. Even though the system is actually spending well above what it can accommodate for and proactively encouraging it. Because the whole system is tied to one simple thing a constant burden that leads to conformity.

I ask you a simple question if you left and travelled for a year would your world end? If I asked you this next do you know people who have travelled do they seem a bit different to the average person? Of course they are because they have seen and experienced more, they have a more important value in life that simply the world doesn’t end when you can’t afford a new car.