Vertical gardening even in the smallest of spaces

This is our experimental vertical garden made out of the cheapest longest lasting materials I could think of at the time. It was basically to test that tomatoes could be grown in a small area as well as fill up a gap we had in one of our walls. The results have been a lot better than expected including the aroma given off by the plants after watering (that’s why it looks a bit wet they had just been watered).

vertical garden In an area approx 8ft high by 6ft wide and a depth of less than 1ft we have grown 9 Tomato plants and currently have 10 different herbs (some purchased not grown from seed). But the point is the potential for even growing everything from seed is there as well as having different layers in relevance to sun needs as the lower layers don’t get as much sunshine as the top which is why the lower ones are around 1ft shorter than the top layer. At the same time the first tomatoes are just about ready for eating on the top level and the lowest level has just started to show some growing there.

new tomatoes