Venus Raj makes it to the top 5 in Miss Universe


After making it through to the top 5 Ms. Philippines Maria Venus Raj placed 4th runner up with Mexico’s Jimena Navarrete taking the title.

Following Ms. Mexico is Jamaica’s Yendi Phillips as 1st runner up, Australia’s Jesinta Campbell and Ukraine’s Anna Poslavska as 2nd and 3rd runners up.

The hopes of Venus making it to the number one spot was no doubt in most peoples minds here especially after yesterday’s Manila hostage taking that left at least eight holiday makers from Hong Kong dead.

Another twist to the Ms. Universe was the fact Alec Baldwin’s brother was on the panel after the comment that has left Alec blacklisted from the Philippines definitely in our household people were surprised to see the Q+A section where William Baldwin asked Venus “what was the biggest mistake she made in her life?” was this a bit of tongue and cheek from the Baldwin’s or an innocent question who knows..