Vehicle repairs in the Philippines

IMG_0340 Another day in sunny Cebu and time to get the vehicles up and running. We have had a few problems across the board so after yesterdays breakdown in the City today is getting everything to work day. Due to the climate things rust faster and generally play havoc with the electrical side of the vehicles. My scooter electrical start hasn’t worked in over a year although kick starts easily. Have spent a few hours previously trying to sort the fault but it looks like “teenagers” have messed around before making it pretty difficult to find out what they connected to what without completely stripping the electrical circuits and starting again. Don’t you love it when people mess around with stuff they don’t understand.

The Jeepy on the other hand is a reliable piece of equipment. Not posh or shiny just a solid piece of vehicle with only one purpose getting from A to B. No Aircon, cooling or even a solid roof. But a good Toyota engine shoved into an old Jeep chassis and because of the simplicity of the vehicle the fan belt that broke yesterday was replaced in an hour. Didn’t have to plug in any diagnostics PC to repair this vehicle. Now the Jeepy is back up and running its time to fix the Multicab which appears to be having an alternator problem which has killed the battery. So off to the store to grab a set of jump leads so I can jump start the multicab and test the charging circuit. Hopefully by the end of the day everything will be back up and running as the Jeepy gets a bit heavy on regular fuel usage compared to the Scooter for local runs and the multicab for the city runs. The thing I do like about the Jeepy though is its ideal for photo opportunities because of its open sides.