Vehicle Hire Cebu Philippines

jeepy having water checkedcebu vehicle hire 








We have various modes of transport available which includes one of my wifes uncles who can supply an air-conditioned vehicle as shown on the right photo in white the prices are structured runs to the airport etc or collection from can be arranged in advance for fixed fees. Or for a full day rate its P3,000 + drivers lunch and fuel for upto 10 hours.

The Jeepy on the left is mine as I am out here and currently have spare time for the next couple of months I am making myself available with the Jeepy. Its not pretty it doesn’t have air-con but it does have open sides which are ideal for taking photos and its a reliable piece of equipment. Fixed price P2,000 per day + expenses for me and the Jeepy. Either as localised guide or if you want commuting either way same price.. email