Vehicle crash Barangay Tungkop, Minglanilla, Cebu.

Another crash in less than a month since the Naga crash.

A driver’s helper died when a mini-bus rammed into the back of a delivery truck Thursday night in Barangay Tungkop, Minglanilla, Cebu.

Before it stopped, the mini-bus hit six other vehicles, including a balut driver’s motorcycle, and ran through the fence of a private residence.

It was the second crash involving a mini-bus and a truck in the south since March 28, and revived concerns about the failure to enforce rules against speeding. At least 14 persons died when a mini-bus and a truck collided in the earlier accident in the City of Naga.

The victim, identified only as Loloy, worked as a conductor on a Steve McJun mini-bus (GXA 324) that was bound for Southern Cebu when the accident took place around 9 a.m.

The accident hurt four persons: Minerva Dominga, 62, of Tunghaan, Minglanilla; Ronnel Alter Ceneres, 15, of Lagtang, Carcar; Raul Gimeda, 46, of Tinaan, Naga; and Rogelio Deroy, 30, of Tagunol, Cebu.

“Loloy” was rushed to the South General Hospital but died before he reached the hospital or before anyone could inform his family in Barangay Valladolid, Carcar, about the accident.

Senior Police Officer 1 Renato Masangkay told Sun.Star Superbalita the delivery truck (TCK 311) was leaving Barangay Estaca at an intersection when the mini-bus rear-ended it.

After the impact, the mini-bus still hit a maroon passenger multi-cab, a vendor’s bicycle and a red multi-cab, before plowing through a concrete fence around the Castañares residence.

It didn’t stop there. It hit a private car and three motorcycles.

Bus driver Isagani Tanudtanud, 27, said he was well within the speed limit when the accident occurred.

If this was the case how did he manage to cause so much damage? I have yet to see a Bus doing “within the speed limit” on any road that isn’t congested.

But the wife of Ernesto Badayos, who owned one of the multi-cabs the bus later hit, said it was clear from the impact that the mini-bus must have been moving at great speed.

After the accident, Tanudtanud said, he urged the passengers to hop aboard a multi-cab to avoid angry residents who might surround them.

Minglanilla’s police arranged for a meeting on Monday morning between the bus operator and the other vehicles’ owners.

Also that night, a motorcycle that ran out of control hit three minors walking along the road in Alcantara town.

A team from the Alcantara Police Station led by Police Officer 2 Henry Asintista proceeded to the highway of Barangay Polo near the Sta. Filomena Chapel to respond to the accident that occurred at 9:15 p.m.

They learned that the red Honda Wave motorcycle (GI 7862) was driven by Charlyn Sabandal, 19. He hails from Barangay Bugho, Moalboal.

Sabandal reportedly only had a student permit. He was on his way to Moalboal town from the Alcantara Public Market.

When he reached the vicinity of the chapel, the motorcycle, which was running at high speed, fell on its side and skidded.

Three minors who were walking by the side of the road got hit.

They were identified as Gabriel Gonzaga, 8; Roxanne Gonzaga, 12; and Dodie Delicano, 13, all of Barangay Polo. Residents rushed them to the Badian District Hospital.

Sabandal was declared dead on arrival by attending physician Prudencio Manubag and attending nurse Cheba Mary Bayno.

Delicano was admitted to the said hospital while Gabriel was placed under observation. Roxanne was reportedly referred to another hospital.

The motorcycle was impounded at the Alcantara Police Station.

The more time you spend on the roads the more you realise how bad some of the driving is. Not only by people who lack money to repair vehicles but often can be ignorant rich who drive badly and often put every single light on the vehicle. Even noticed one last week with FOG lights on! normally big SUVs. Add the mix of buses racing each other to grab customers by hopping past each other.. Will it change? Doubt it do I feel safe on the roads the jury is out. Simply because of so much chaos generally everyone drives a bit slower so impacts normally aren’t so major. Except for the recent ones which have both involved fast moving buses which will push they’re way through the traffic blasting their horns which are well above 85 decibels to intimidate other drivers to get out of the way. I do believe tighter controls are needed to stop these accidents happening though.