Valuing your friends back in the West ( UK – US )

People love to stereotype guys like me living out in the Philippines as some overweight past it. But in reality I am mid 30s and have a long life ahead unless the Philippines roads kill me! I came here indirectly as it was purely to meet my wife April. Not an arranged marriage, not a marriage of convenience but purely the fact I love my wife. The Philippines meant nothing too me before I arrived and it had no shiny magazine covers trying to sell “the trip of a life time!” I arrived not knowing what to expect and my world grew from that. I am overweight that I admit and some may actually be surprised that I reduced my weight again by at least 10lbs but in reality its about the person inside. In the UK if you knew me you would find that I am confident and very forward driving socially as well as in business.  If someone hires me I work to get things right and I care about the company. Which is why when I left Orbit last year it was quite hard to leave, I left a lot of friends behind the company was going through a reshuffle but at the same time I spent there I had collectively with the team turned our section within the company around and everything was looking forward. Problems arouse when we were merged with the South group which I knew in advance just from experience would sacrifice everyone off to suit itself. Bit of “bite the nose to spite the face”. As it needed to hit its mark home that it was now in charge. Am  I bitter? answer is no I left before it happened but heard from others inside the group that when reapplying for jobs that they weren’t going to get the job either way as it had already been decided who was replacing them. Interviews were just a matter of process.

But it does sadden me though as within our office complex things had improved drastically since I arrived. Not just me but me being a general pain had kicked a lot of people up the backside and month on month things improved. It’s a pity that no doubt all that hard work will be sold on “how Orbit South improved things” yet it had already been done before their arrival.

May sound like I’m rambling on a bit today but to be honest the people I worked alongside were some of the best I have ever done. It’s sad to say most of the staff are now gone but I am still here.. a friend for life and a friend who cares.

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