Value your friends

I often find that even myself get caught up in the them and us when it comes to Filipinos, retirees or some other group. But an important thing I would state though is I don’t see everyone as a single group but often find many people can be grouped. This basically means I have friends in all categories but will often find negativity in “Retirees” or should I say more so in semi-retirees which generally are the people giving advice yet don’t live in the Philippines full-time. Which is why I bounce off them quite well as they should simply offer advice on things they know and make it clear from what experience they have had. At the same time within the retirees I have several friends who often have completely different opinions but they come from a completely different upbringing and society so you learn to accept disagreement in many things purely because you never will agree.

At the same time though its all about enjoying life and being able to help each other lately we have had an influx of new people which often means I spend time meeting people in person or lots of emails either way its communication to help everyone. At the same time expanding the network of knowledge and experience. For example it was nice to have someone try and give me flack based on the limited information they have of me yet the nice part being that although their bitterness of their job (they didn’t earn by anything but short skirts) they have been forced out and moved into a new office. Will be a lot harder to hide the fact you don’t know what your doing and never have done. But quick to slate others in the hope it distracts your bosses from you, good luck in your new job. How does that relate? because the network I left and the people I communicate with filled in all the gaps as simply the person had an axe to grind but in most cases people rarely look to themselves to blame. At the same time spending a bit of time (on the same night) with a Restaurateur from Italy he wanted knowledge on business here and I advised him otherwise which is why he is now looking at another country completely (large investment) and in return for the help (without asking the $300 an hour someone else is quoting for their time in Mindanao) he gave me a lot of knowledge and insight into the pizza business as well as the construction of a good oven for construction and why the pizza’s generally in the Philippines aren’t anywhere near the same quality (not talking food quality). Point being the network grows and grows month on month and tomorrow it will expand further as a DJ from the UK as well as someone else looking to get into the restaurant business here will be introduced to a couple of restaurant and disco owners to get an insight into how things can work and what is a nightmare.

Valuing your friends though is not about hard cash its about realizing your part of something and that giving is more important than receiving. Bit like the last 2 weeks where people will wonder why the blog is quiet yet I have been busy with construction yet haven’t really mentioned it or added photos why? partly because I am at that bridge where I can either share or not share stuff I personally get up to due to people like the “hey Joe” and others who constantly complain for the sake of complaining not that I mind except none of it has been relevant and I get irritated by having to justify everything rather than people seeing something works or functions but instead go “but what about this? that won’t work if you do this etc..” I sit here working out solutions as I go having all the answers may seem the be all and end all to some but they forget one thing that I bring up regularly “I WANT PEOPLE TO THINK”. Me working out irrigation methods and 1001 other things to give a “how to guide” isn’t why this blog is here and on top of that how many variables would it need for me to do it? The Philippines has many different climates and wet and dry seasons how many things would need to be compensated for to make it work in every environment? Answer is do it yourself.. I trial and error things and share it sometimes the idea may not work sometimes you can use them the whole idea is they are concepts, tests, ideas, trials I don’t run a DIY TV show. Now that’s my part of giving I spend hours on this blog but also emails, Skype chats, MSN, Facebook and many other things to help people out and don’t ask for payment as my main ideal is people learn and don’t drop into problems for things they hadn’t accounted for. If they become successful and others I know get in on various things and everyone starts feeding off each other and helping then the network of friends and associates develops as well as assists everyone to common goals.

Everyone wants to live here, everyone wants to be able to afford a stable lifestyle, everyone wants to know they and their families are safe. Developing the network is the only real way to get as close to a guarantee as they come.