Using plastic pipe as a multiple layer container garden plant pot (update)

hanging container garden Space is always an issue which is why when i came up with this idea it just seems to make more and more sense not only for this project but also along below gutters and the balcony areas as it allows large plant pots at very little cost.

As you can see it doesn’t look too out of character and once the green plants start to hang down the sides of it you won’t even be able to tell its all actually inside plastic pipes. I eventually decided to cap the ends with concrete as we had some spare. I wedged a plastic bottle on the inside with the bottom of the bottle set inside the container ends by around 2” then skimmed over it with concrete. Once the concrete set I just pulled the bottles back out. The reason for capping the containers is to prevent soil washing away in heavy rain although this area is partially shaded so not too much of a problem with this one but I am looking to add a lot more of these types of container gardens around this and other lots.

plastic bottle wedged in pipeconcrete in ends of plastic pipeplastic bottle wedged in pipe

100_6019Partly down to proving that you can grow a lot of food in little space but also its very pleasing to the eye. If you also grow certain herbs they can also help repel mosquitos and other bugs.

container garden  At the same time it doesn’t all have to be about plastic piping as we have also used old tins and other things to not only use for plant pots but also plastic boxes as propagators to help grow on seedlings.