Urban Farming – Manila Philippines

Philippines urban farming | Video | Reuters.com – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.
The more I spend time in the Philippines it becomes obvious that education on a lot of things are the way out of the poverty trap for many. But not only that looking at things from an expat perspective and thinking about many people on a limited budget such as pensions it makes sense to get your finances as stable as possible. So growing as much food as you can seems not only to make self efficiency sense but also the fact that your saving money and getting your income to go further. Educating neighbours once you get your own garden going could be another way to show it “can and does work!”. In the next few years I will be loading Tropicalpenpals.com up with as much information as possible in one place as finding a lot of this information takes ages for me to do it. See TropicalPenpals more of a Wikipedia with a blog thrown in as my priority is information sharing and when I’m abroad there isn’t a lot for me to write about on the Philippines except news articles unless I’m doing research such as this.