Unusually high rainfall in the Philippines

You probably noticed the blog has been a bit quiet lately but its mainly down to the high volume of rain. I have been stuck at home more than normal as generally I get around on my scooter. Today I managed to get out for a few hours mind which is why the bathroom is nearly finished at the internet cafe. Walls tiled and grouted, door hung and just about to start rewiring the lights to put them in a better spot. Also managed to get hold of the water pump for the aquaponics system so finally that should start to get done as budget also allows.

On top of the stuff needing to be done I have been looking at ways to increase income as I could do with some extra capital to get a few of the projects moving properly as many have ground to a halt for various reasons. One of the solutions I have dropped on which is a bit tight consuming but giving good results is spread betting by gambling online. Many people will say gambling is  mugs game and random gambling is but spread betting is more about odds over a large number of bets for example in the last 3 days I have placed nearly 200 bets lost around 6 and the rest have won. The whole process is about picking good bets and the majority of the time they are small return which is another reason for high turnover of bets. I initially started with £20 and its giving me £10 a day profit once that works up to £100  should not only be easier but the daily profit should drastically increase. Not a get rich quick scheme more a regular income and it has a couple of advantages compared to having the money here. The exchange rate is poor and prices are a lot cheaper in the UK for many goods sending a Balikbayan box with the things we need every few months will help keep our costs down and get the maximum for our money. Food in the Philippines is becoming expensive and poor quality in comparison to the UK supermarket unless your buying imported expensive goods. But in the UK food prices are still low in comparison and higher quality as well as bigger sizes. Solar panels are another thing that are a lot cheaper in the UK infact there is very few things that aren’t cheaper. On top of that at least things like Dewalt are Dewalt! unlike here in the Philippines where much of the tools are fake and often secondhand resprays or polished up. The insult being I am not talking second hand stores but the big mall stores selling junk as brand new which is often second hand and over priced costing more for a crappy second hand 5 year old drill than it would be to buy a brand new one in the UK.

2 comments for “Unusually high rainfall in the Philippines

  1. Mattcons
    February 1, 2011 at 9:01 am

    H I Matt,

    Care to share some more info on your spread betting? do you have a site that links you up with all the bookies or you doing that yourself?

    I’ve seen a few places offering you the one stop shop for spread betting but never had time to look into it.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      February 1, 2011 at 9:31 am

      Hi Matt,
      I do it manually on Betfair.co.uk there is an issue of loading Paypal into the system from abroad although it can be done for you by someone within the UK.