Understanding the Mindanao,Philippines Political Problems

After looking at this time and time again it does become apparent much of the facts don’t seem to get aired properly that make it look as simply the MILF are looking for a homeland and to push out the Christian settlers. Never have I heard anything about the Christian Militia groups, government troops involvement from the fact there is control going on from political groups that are even using the Police and military to do the dirty war for them. In reality its not about a homeland, its not about religion its about money and power, More importantly the natural resources that exist in the region. The video below doesn’t get into the “Billions” of dollars of natural resources available in many deposits in the area (yes Dollars not pesos!). But also nobody connects the dots on who is killing who which in the video towards the end you can here the discussion for the election with government troops against MILF which is a nephew against his uncle both seeking political power at the general populations expense.

I have to admit Aljazeera has become a major source of information for me in the last year as most other media is heavily political biast. No doubt Aljazeera has its issues at the same time the fact they are not involved in many of the conflicts (Qatar) currently on going gives them the least manipulated view point.