Understanding love

love heart May sound an odd question and answers. But some people find me and my wife April a bit of an oddball because we are so happy. Married two years December the 7th and not one argument between us. We have had misunderstandings but we sit and talk about it simply because most of the time its getting the full perspective that will solve the issue. Because most of the ones we have were cultural. I go out for a beer with friends and return at 2am my wife’s neighbours see  this as a problem in the marriage where in the UK its pretty normal. So adapting is key as its ok saying “ I’m a westerner and Ill do what I would in the West” but then your missing the whole point of marriage and companionship. If your partners happy and content so are you, because as soon as you fall on a negative and then escalate it you cause another and another etc. etc. So communication is key. But getting back to understanding love its not something that’s truly understood until you find “the one” because I believe the numbers could be that small for an ideal match. We were talking this morning about the way we click together because like the internet cafe I’m into the technical and budgets and my wife is into the layout and design aswell as monitoring and keeping costs within the set budget. We both know we can trust the other for that part of doing things as they are the bits the other isn’t keen to do but know the other enjoys it. This flows throughout our marriage even with Airsoft April enjoys the community and spending time with other WAGs (Wives And Girlfriends). Sharing food and general conversation. Aswell as watching us compete. At the same point I encourage my wife to do things she enjoys such as cooking which is another passion we share and will often sit and talk about the food we eat at a restaurant or at home. When you see couples that are in love its pretty obvious but I think in love and love are different because in love can change. But real love is something where you are set for life, you know where you are and where you want to be. The person you are going to share it with and that person feels exactly the same. What difference this throws into a relationship is the fact there is no comparison. I see guys and girls comparing partners and me and April have discussed it because we know we are happy as one and not looking which then takes out desire or passion for another as the interest is 100% for your partner. Another thing is its fine to tell someone you love them! infact most people appreciate it especially if they are having a difficult day those 3 words can lift them from the clouds because they know someone is there and thinking of them.