Ultimate Internet Cafe

I was busy looking for some table designs for my next article in Internet Cafes and stumbled across this post on another blog.

1A friend of mine has found out a gem in Genting Highlands resort the other day. Believe it or not, they have just setup a new cyber cafe which is high tech, sophisticated and located in spacious rooms. Each workstation (or playstation?) is equipped with a large LCD screen and comfy seat. All these are good of course, but how about having a one-to-one guide (or playmate) who is well trained to help you if you have difficulty in sending an email or who can just sit there to keep you company?


I just couldn’t believe him when he told me about it, but he say seeing is believing and forwarded me some photos as proof.


The best is you can choose from their fleet of not less than 100 guides. Look at them, they are all so friendly, knowledgable and pretty… just choose the one you like best will do! You get to mirror them before you decide.


Our brothers here are so busy with the network games… Perhaps they are having some fun first before they go to win some big bucks from the casino.5

According to my friend, the girl who was with him is very good in Counter Strike (CS, a tactical first-person shooter video game which originated from Quake) which he played. He even teamed up with her and won a few rounds over their friends. I can tell that my friend is really satisfied.


All the pictures and my friend’s story sound too good to be true… I mean to have a pretty girl play network games or surf the Internet with me is something I can only dream of… but my friend say this is all possible.

It turned out that this was an Aprils fool joke but I bet it got you thinking..lol..

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  1. UFOnaut1985
    December 27, 2010 at 9:38 pm

    Ahaha, look at pictures. This asians are funny. Man looks not there …