UK Poor V Philippines Poor

Deprived areas in the UK :-

UK housing estate

Spent many years working on these estates that are rundown. But you will find the general mentality is “I pay rent so shouldn’t have to repair”. But its the people that live in the areas that have run them down. Not anyone else, these estates absorb a ridiculous amount of money on maintenance, education and social welfare funds. People constantly whine about how they deserve or have a right to things yet many have never even seen a days work. Often they are now on 4th Generation unemployed because life can be fairly easy if you know how to work the benefit system in the UK.

Deprived Area In The Philippines:-

Philippines shanty

Philippines what would be of similar housing or should I say for the majority of the population! is shacks, very little government assistance but one thing for sure is I rarely hear people complain about life and always full of smiles. The sanitation generally doesn’t which does lead to disease, unemployment is high at the same time you will find many people finding ways to make a living as there is very little assistance from the government.



Unemployed and sick you will find state of the art facilities with hospitals billions of pounds have built over years as well as billions invested into long-term in the UK. Its FREE and if your unemployed and an outpatient you will also find prescription charges are also FREE !! no medication payments at all. In fact if your illness affects your livelihood and ability to work you can even claim more benefits for assistance in such things as mobility or needing help at home. All in all its designed to make life comfortable for those that are ill, or in many cases the “bad back” brigades that refuse to work can claim extra financial benefits for pretending to be ill so they don’t have to find a job either. On top of that we brain drain the Philippines of its skilled medical staff annually to use them in the UK offering higher salaries and a better way of life.

Philippines Public Hospital :-

Philippines Hospital

A maternity ward sees arrivals of new born babies at capacity there are 5 women sharing a bed (way over capacity should I say!). Under staffed, under funded and I believe people still have to pay something towards the bills and medication. In reality everything in the Philippines costs money if you get sick and have no money you die. I have seen people having to sell everything to try and literally make medical payments that keep them alive. In reality the good hospitals here are business enterprises that are looking out for the money more than the patients. If your poor your lucky you can afford any medical treatment, many women give birth at home using traditional midwives.

UK Benefit System :-

You will be given enough financial aid to live on per week as well as the possibility of free education, free housing, free medical care including dentistry. Have kids you get increased financial assistance as well as the ability to get a bigger home, free schooling, free meals, free school uniforms and many other benefits that someone who knows the system will be able to point out. Or as I know some they use a social worker who knows the system better than anyone on how to milk it. Whole system revolves round the taxpayer carrying people through life.

Philippines Benefit System :-

There are systems in place but not enough to live on and you won’t get free housing. In fact unemployed you learn to go hungry and skip meals until you manage to have enough money to eat. There is very little in any form of assistance to the poor and even the charities here are exploited by government officials so much of what people donate never reaches the people it should. Education is free but often class sizes are huge and also uniforms etc. are expected something the poor can ill afford to pay for.  Pretty much “your on your own!”. Unless you have OFW’s they are the backbone of the economy and the pride of the Philippines the family members sent abroad to work and send money home to fund everyone else’s existence. In reality the OFW’s are the benefits system as they are paying for everything of the next generations within the family. There are the same problems often as I find in the UK where people refuse to work because they are receiving money from abroad at the same time the OFW’s are aware of the hardships which is why its exploited by relatives. Common excuses to rob relatives abroad are “house repairs, someone’s sick, medication,school fees”. Often these are fake requests with the only interest is exploiting the family member who is working long hours abroad.

Christmas in the UK :-

Amazon warehouse UK

This is one of its warehouses sorting out its busy delivery of gifts. Its all about the presents in the UK and pushed heavily by the media for “presents of the year” iPad, latest iPhone,Xbox,Wii you name it its here and going to houses all over the UK INCLUDING THOSE ON SOCIAL WELFARE. Don’t believe me ? well you can get emergency loans from the social system in the UK and often they are used for Christmas shopping (met enough of the people that do this) as well as the fact there are certain criteria for assistance in helping people over the Christmas such as “rent free weeks” yep you don’t have to pay rent at certain times of the year if you live in social housing. Its normally the poorer kids that have the better toys in the UK!

Christmas in the Philippines :-

Christmas in the philippines

In the Philippines it mainly revolves round the traditional stuff of going to Church and eating together. In fact I rarely hear about or see anyone with “Christmas presents”. What I do see though is Filipino’s abroad sending money home for the neighbourhood where relatives buy gifts such as ham and cheese and give them away to those poorer in the neighbourhood. I do see that things revolve around family. What happened to the UK it was like this before? In reality I can see the Philippines changing which is why I want to limit or remove television in the home as its utter rubbish. I remember last year a local celebrity telling people “not to forget to get your kids and family back home the latest iPad”. Fantastic families are struggling to eat and be together yet the only thoughts from the celebrity is an unrealistic toy that has very little use for someone here. School fees yes! send a kid to school but this consumerism nonsense is starting to plague the Philippines in the same way it changed the UK.