UK – Philippines expat diary 12.12.2009 – The road home begins

Its now Saturday morning and time to get ready to go.. busy looking at my bags and wondering what really is going to make it to the Philippines. Got 5 bags and need to fit it all into 2 and cut the weight at the same time. Where is the Tardis? Anyway this week has been a bit of an odd one as normally leaving work is pretty cut and dry very rarely do I meet people that I want to keep in touch with (those of you from old contracts know how many you but the thing is its odd leaving a place that I wasn’t there that long but a great bunch of people are there. Its a pity that the restructure will pretty much dismantle everything that is good within the company. It will be odd not having Jenna around with our random conversations and discussions of soup. Or the chatting while Donovan is trying to work and having to come in later once I’ve gone out.. But more importantly I hope everyone keeps in touch as I made a lot of great friends. I’m now in the Limbo part of going home where I’m still thinking about work, sorting the luggage and looking forward to getting home to my wife. No doubt at the 6am I start to head off to Heathrow next week it will all be on a higher note and ill be logging a few email addresses to send exploits of my travels as I head home. Its also strange that as I begin to head home I seem to be spending less time with my wife online but I’ve noticed that a lot as Zoei has got older the more she needs to be under a watchful eye.