UK links with Philippines business need to gain strength in 2011

With the bumpy economy still rolling on it makes perfect sense for the UK to not only outsource more to the Philippines in line with cost reduction but also the continued support within the health care system to help support the growing number of elderly in the United Kingdom that the Philippines medical community can and do accommodate in a widening role. The big issues facing the current economic climate is anti-immigration on the people the UK does need rather than the people it cannot kerb such as asylum seeking sectors which with the conflicts raining on in the middle east is likely to expand further.

For the businesses of the UK the climate continues to be tough and the outsourcing of sales, administration and possibly tax documents may become more viable over time with the right training in the Philippines. Most markets are geared towards U.S. markets in the Philippines which although hinders growth short term I can see this trend changing as Europe opens up for outsourcing to offload the wasted hours that many Europeans including the UK have to deal with to deal with paperwork.