UK Government Will Not Help You If Kidnapped Or Jailed In The Philippines.

May shock some but after seeing several cases in the Philippines the UK government and Embassy are here for only one thing and its trade.

If your kidnapped, murdered, robbed or falsely jailed don’t expect any assistance or if anything it will be a token gesture if your lucky.

The reason I am posting this is that a lot of British nationals assume the UK government will intervene if they fall foul to corrupt officials, false imprisonment and many other issues that you would expect your home country to help you with. Now I am one for not wanting to give people a free pass such as the Thailand drug mules that seem to be a constant flow of stupidity. But at the same time people like Kevin Taylor and Charlene Taylor have currently been jailed for around 4 years without trial or intervention by the UK government. Not asking for much just that the UK Embassy to take an interest in the trial which is being held up for one reason “Witnesses not showing for court”. Yep that’s it and you can kiss goodbye to 4 years while they adjourn the court until they eventually show that we all know will never happen.

David Scott and Cynthia Delfino fell foul of Philippines law simply by bad timing. Although she had separated from her husband and he agreed for the marriage annulment her husband discovered a photo of his wife and David Scott together and withdrew the offer of annulment choosing to go for trying to have them jailed for adultery instead. When David Scott asked for assistance from the embassy pretty much this is about all of the help they got.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are aware of the case and are providing consular assistance to Mr. Scott and his family, but cannot comment further due to data protection.”

They did escape but with no thanks to the British Embassy it was upon bail they skipped off to Thailand before returning to the UK the thing is the legal system isn’t fair and just in the Philippines and well known for its corruption. Being able to skip country is about the only sensible route due to having no help from the British Embassy. This statement says it all :

“There are few things in life scarier than the blood and urine stained cells in Manila,” said the father-of-one. “I really feel for Kevin, but I am determined to help him. When I was stuck out there loads of people helped me to escape, including ex-prisoners, journalists and charity organisations”.

Now I could go on all night with a long list of different people and some deserve jail others are simply being manipulated for money or a grievance the issue is here though the British Embassy doesn’t do anything positive to help or support its British subjects.

Ian Griffiths and Belle Santos are a couple who lived not far from where I do and are currently being accused of the murder of Ellah Joy (aged 6). Ian was lucky enough not to be in the Philippines at the time although Belle has so far spent a fair chunk of this year in jail awaiting a bail hearing that could take several years to be heard. Yes you heard that right several YEARS to have a bail hearing heard. All this without any real witnesses as they fail one after the other and no evidence. The fact Ian has managed to get back to the UK and fund his legal team there and in the Philippines has allowed him to have a fighting chance of not only clearing his name but getting Belle Santos released from false imprisonment.

I have spent time on this case and I am aware of many people involved from both sides. I am also well aware of the bad reporting by the media and not only speculative in a negative way but often will not publish any positive outcomes from the case as it goes along. Are they guilty of the crime? Of course not if anything I believe the entire kidnapping of Ellah Joy was nothing more than a flight of fantasy and that something happened locally resulting in a cover up attempting to happen. This is why there are no real witnesses to a black Pajero because it was never there. The location of the kidnapping was in an area where it wouldn’t have been missed passing through or stopping especially with a foreigner inside.Now how guilty do you have to be in the Philippines? How about Erik Berger’s and his girlfriend who were the original arrest for the Ellah Joy murder who were proven innocent due to video footage of them booking into a hotel and eating in the restaurant at the time of the murder happening. The Philippines government did not drop the case because they were innocent they suspended it due to a “lack of evidence!”. This is Erik Berger just after his release in a statement he made online :-

Mr.. Berger’s words in English;
I don’t have the strength to read all posts now, but want to write some words…
First, thanks for all support here on the forum (Asia and to those that have visited me, and other places…
Yes, we have had special treatment… but I would gladly been to jail and been beaten up every day if only the police would have checked the alibi to Karen and me.
I am not clear in my head now, it’s probably not wise to write too much but my incent is the police investigation:
1. the only evidence they have is some children that identified us. The only people they saw in the line up was me and Karen, with their parents present and 200.000 peso of reward the outcome was obvious. the more times the children pointed at me and Karen the stronger the police believed their identification….even the lineup was worthless when it was just me and Karen!!!
2. The police did not investigate ONE of our alibis.
There has been a lot of other witnesses as well, pimps and others who want to get their piece of the reward…the police buy it as long as it fits in their picture.
You can talk about adopting to other countries laws and so on but I thinks its bullshit…
NBI did the job the police should have done, in a very short time and very professional.
The police have by this conduct destroyed their witnesses, thrown away time and resources on us when they should have been looking for the real killers, that worries me…
A horrible crime, Ellah’s family have my full support, I am a father of 2 children, I can only imagine how it must feel…
My hope is that since the police now are overrun by the NBI, they can find the killers, they have shown that they can conduct a professional investigation!
I hope that you will be informed through the press on our status.
Again thank you for you’re support!

Now hearing that imagine having this response from the British Embassy’s head in the region Trevor Lewis sucking up to the Cebu government in the Philippines.

The embassy’s deputy head of mission, Trevor Lewis told local media that his government will cooperate with the Capitol in the arrest of British national Ian Charles Griffiths, a suspect in the case.

“That’s why I came down here to
express to (Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia) that we will work closely with them and the local authorities,” he said.

Fantastic not only does the British government not want to help given half the chance they will hang you for a crime you didn’t commit. So happy holidays and as the saying goes Jail #more fun in the Philippines! (NOT).