UK and Australian Governments advise NOT to visit the Philippines due to heightened risks

In separate statements the United Kingdom and Australia have advised its citizens NOT to visit the Philippines especially the Mindanao region due to reports of “imminent attacks”. The Australian government in its advisory statement has warned people to exercise a high degree of caution in the Philippines region due to imminent threat of terrorist attacks.

Australia, quoting “credible reports” said: “Terrorist attacks could occur at any time, anywhere in the Philippines, including in Manila.”

Although this news isn’t new it is being pushed at a higher level than normal due to these reports. No doubt the reports are being fed from government agencies such as Mi6 which are generally a good reliable source of information for the United Kingdom and its allies In a separate statement, the United Kingdom- Foreign and Commonwealth Office said there is a “high threat from terrorism throughout the Philippines.”

With the elections now over I was hoping to see out the rest of the year in peace but as the UK has always warned against coming to the Philippines and now warning of risks of attacks and kidnappings as well as the obvious in their reports with the bad weather and the fact Philippines Air couriers are actually blacklisted throughout Europe as “unfit to fly” as they refuse to provide proof that they are legally fit for air usage.

I have lived through similar times with the IRA in the UK, Ireland and Germany and all I can say to people is just be that little more cautious. Although they are saying Airports, shopping malls and places of worship may be at higher risk I would wonder what has caused the alert. Mindanao obviously is pretty much blacklisted as a warzone due to its kidnappings and current clashes between the Philippines armed forces and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). But also Zamboanga Peninsula and Sulu Archipelago are being flagged due to links with terrorism in the form of Al Qaeda.

Currently the Philippines government are unaware of any imminent attacks or what has caused the UK and Australia to raise the threat levels either way from experience I find the UK and Australia are likely to be over protective where the Philippines government things normally go wrong before things get done. Somewhere in the middle is what people need to be thinking about.

Personally it won’t be changing any of my habits or places I go but I am not a city dweller or in a region that suffers with much terrorism. There has been an increase in violence recently including a bus bombing but generally there is always problems ongoing in specific parts of the Philippines why it never reaches main stream media.