U.S. Man in Washington Accused of Raping Filipina

PORT TOWNSEND, Washington – Patrick John McAllister (48) was arrested for raping the 22 year old Female from the Philippines islands. He had brought her to the United States on the understanding that they were to be married. He has been charged with 41 counts of rape and assault against the woman.

He has appeared in court initially on August 12, McAllister is currently charged with 19 accounts of second degree rape, 10 counts of third degree rape and 12 counts of fourth assault and domestic violence. If convicted of all charges McAllister is looking at spending the rest of his life in jail.

McAllister is currently pleading not guilty to the charges said Lance Hester his attorney.

Sheriff’s report
A Jefferson County sheriff’s report gives the following account:
McAllister was introduced to the woman by her brother-in-law, who lives in Jefferson County, and began a long-distance relationship with her, phoning her for several months while she was living with her family in the Philippines.
McAllister visited her in the Philippines in March 2008, and upon his return, told her that he wanted to marry her and “would give her a good life.”
She arrived in Seattle on March 14, 2010, and was brought to McAllister’s home in Brinnon.
She said she was first raped March 18, and that rapes and assaults continued until April 25, 2010.
Working with Sheriff’s Deputy Barb Garrett over a period of months, the woman told of 23 separate occasions when she said violence and sexual assault took place.
The incidents took place in Brinnon aside from a period between April 15 and April 22 which occurred at McAllister’s mother’s house in Oregon, the sheriff’s report said.
The report says there were several days when multiple rapes occurred.
The woman escaped McAllister’s house April 26, 2010, according to the report.
The investigation took more than a year because of language difficulties, authorities said.
The woman spoke a Filipino dialect for which no local translator was immediately available, Rosekrans said.
After several months, the county found a translator for the dialect; at the same time, the woman’s command of English improved, Rosekrans said.
Rosekrans said the woman is “somewhere in Port Townsend” and will be called to testify at the trial when it occurs.
The trial date will be set after the arraignment and omnibus hearings, he said.

Previously McAllister was arrested for rape of a woman in Shelton that he had taken to his home between the time of meeting the woman from the Philippines and her arrival in the United States. He was found guilty of that case and sentenced to one year in prison as well as a $5,000 fine – Both were suspended.

According to court documents it was $300 and 35 hours community service, also represented in that case by Hester.

Patrick John McAllister is currently out on bail set at $100,000

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