Typhoon “Nesat” Hits The Philippines And At Least 7 Dead Confirmed So Far As Well As Heavy Flooding.

As the Philippines takes its annual bashing from typhoons at least 7 people have died and Manila has been flooded in many areas forcing people to wade through waist deep waters. Over 110,000 people had to be evacuated as winds of up to 106mph took hold.

Schools and offices have been forced to close as well as airports forced to ground flights and ferries held at port due to the weather conditions.

The typhoon made landfall during the small hours over the eastern mountain provinces of Isabela and Aurora that took the brunt of the typhoon due to facing the Pacific Ocean. It then travelled across farming land North of Manila. Waves striking the coast were seen as high as coconut trees.

Death reports are still coming in but a one year old child drowned in the central island province of Cataduanes after falling into a river. In Caloocan a mother and child were also killed when their home was struck by a tree. Another report came in from the suburb of Valenzuela in Manila where 4 people tied when a wall collapsed.

Four fishermen are also currently missing and another 50 had to be rescued along the eastern shores after their boats were overturned in the rough seas, even though there were advanced warnings of waves of up to 12feet high.

Downtown Manila see’s the baywalk area littered with cars and buses stranded as well as residents forced to wade through the deep floodwaters as waves hit the seawall, believed to be as high as palm trees. The 6 lane river was turned to a dirty brown river with the current flooding. Chaos has hit Manila as paths and entrances became clogged to buildings leaving vehicles struggling to navigate the narrow streets.

At Manila hospital the ground floor had to be abandoned due to water reaching neck deep, this also resulted in the hospitals generators dropping off power as they flooded cutting off all electric to the hospital.

This is also an anniversary period as exactly two years ago nearly 500 people died as flooding hit Manila the worst in decades. Typhoon Nesat is the 16th to hit the Philippines this year.