Two years of being happily married.. is it worth it?

Dont misunderstand the title. The relevance is to the fact of being apart for months at a time. What I have found is the first  month while apart is the hardest as reality kicks in to the fact your going to be away for a long time. But after that as long as everything falls into place you start getting down to the job at hand and wade through to get the road home. But when it does go wrong it hasnt been a doubt of the marriage but an understanding of why other marriages can fail because I can normally manage to return within four months but this year has taken nearly twice as long. But I know other people that manage a few weeks to the Philippines each year rather than months so it does make you wonder how strong the relationship really is. Lets be honest if you leave your partner half way round the world anywhere on the planet for a few years at what point does she start to look for someone else? Sure the internet is a source of contact but its not there in person. Which is one of the major reasons I try to be home as much as I can, not because I dont trust my wife but simply the longer your apart the more likely it is that the fabric of your relationship can become damaged or you become almost forgotten. When working in home countries you realise your two routines are the opposite of each other but you have the opportunity to live in both cycles of life in both countries. But your partner may not be so lucky. So remember that when you go home that your wife/girlfriends holiday (Vacation) starts when you arrive so make her know how much she means to you. A trip to the beach, Thailand, Hong Kong or even to another island nearby are all things that are easily within financial reach but lets your partner experience new things that are outside of the town/city she lives in. Life is all about experiences and sharing them.

Would I change anything? To be honest looking into the time I have spent with April we have pretty much had everything we want and would like in life because our lives rotate around each other we have set the foundations for our future in the last two years. April is keen to take time on projects and not to rush where I am keen to get them complete and move onto the next. We compliment each other and give each other the ability to resolve problems together or splitting projects between us easily. A prime example is the internet cafe where Paps has been constructing the building which is something I would normally be involved in but April is keen to do the interior design. Something I know im not good at so happily dont touch it! lol..

Any complaints? Only issue I have is immigration of various countries and how difficult it is to get visas. Filipinos in every country seem to not only be an important part of service providers such as doctors, nurses etc. regardless of what they are doing they are hard working and personally I think they should be recognised as such. With a lot of other nationals entering countries that can only be described as work shy why are we putting hard working Filipinos in the same list? Ive never met an overseas Filipino who doesnt earn their money. So lets cut them some slack ? But then again I have also been searched everytime I come through customs coming back from Qatar or Hong Kong to Heathrow or Gatwick which I dont mind but I think im being picked out purely because im a white male travelling alone which I find racist and offensive. The funny thing being though generally the only thing in my bag is my flight case because everything is already here for work.

So how is marriage? Well officially if you had asked me a couple of years ago I had no intentions of getting married for a lot of reasons. The difference is now I am with the right woman who is literally my soulmate. So never say never.. the right person comes along and it all just happens. If youve been the partner who was “never going to get married to” then to be honest better to look for someone else yourself as the person who wont marry you hasnt found the right person to share life with.

Whatever life has to throw at us I know im with the right person and looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my wife..