Turning TropicalPenpals.com back into its original direction

Trying to move forwards without moving backwards is difficult at the best of times as even sitting still you have to put electric in the meter and food on the table but at the same time I have to admit I am bored of TropicalPenpals.com because its started to take more of a commercial direction caused purely by negativity of other people which seemed to happen over a period of time rather than instantly which is why today reading a blog about someone living in Belgium that I found funny for all the wrong reasons I have decided to inject more of my day to day stuff into the blog to try and stimulate it more as a personal thing than an information directory. It was funny before when I setup the live assistant as I received 17 calls within a few hours with people wanting various things from holiday bookings to information on applying for jobs. There is a demand for sorting peoples issues out yet generally nobody wants to pay either side the companies or the people struggling to get service so better to just leave that side of Chaos.

So getting back to normality hopefully people will find it a bit more interesting to read at the same time I will find it more interesting to write! Will try and drop the politics on most things simply due to the references not being relevant to the blog and also the fact its things we can’t change so why worry about it.