Turning a netcafe into a community – Minglanilla, Cebu

When the netcafe originally started it was based on the idea of being a simple chat hotspot for people being able to contact people overseas. It quickly became more of a haunt for gaming enthusiasts and now has more kid users than anyone else. They come in all shapes and sizes and different levels of wealth but have yet to see any of them argue or dispute anything at worst they laugh and joke about things they are doing or watching online. With the current Fiesta some of the kids have also been practicing dance moves and performing on stage at night.


Its more a bit of local fun than anything else but all the kids in the area are taking it very serious for the Fiesta. Maybe seeing it as an opportunity to be discovered or just to win the competitions. Either way a lot of kids have been spending a lot of time practicing various dances and sorting out remix CD’s for the performances. One of the Netcafe kids also got up and sang a mixed version of Lady GaGa songs.

What I enjoy about the singing and performing is the fact all the kids want to take part. There is a keen interest to participate and be a part of the Fiesta. I think its one of the major factors Filipinos have in life that make visiting the country always interesting as there is always something going on somewhere and people willing to get up and sing or dance..