Trying to get a photo gallery to work in wordpress

You have probably noticed things disappearing and appearing on TropicalPenpals lately but its actually down to trying to get a good photo gallery working. The big problem is I want it to be able to allow people like yourself to add your own gallery to it or add into existing galleries so the photo collection of areas will grow to give a wider picture of an area as well as historical lifelines of buildings and people in areas so you can see areas developing over time and how things looked in the past.

Now what is the biggest problem? There are several firstly TropicalPenpals has a lot of background plugins that are doing  a lot of features which I believe are clashing with some of the photo gallery plugins. Next is the fact none of the plugins are upto date, Tropicalpenpals is running the latest WordPress but the plugins are at least 3 – 4 updates behind.

All I can ask is bare with it because once its working it will add a new direction to TropicalPenpals allowing people to see life in video and photography to add a completely new dimension to TropicalPenpals. I am continously trying to make TropicalPenpals not only easy to use but to add as much of an experience without becoming cluttered or dated.

2 comments for “Trying to get a photo gallery to work in wordpress

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    August 7, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    There are a mix of problems going on firstly I have improved the site load time by at least 30% yet the last week seems to have got slower. The reason seems to be the web hosting and I will be moving it on renewal I am currently with Host Gator in the states who I think are actually restricting my bandwidth as I find notices on certain things with “bandwidth quota notices”. For an unlimted service its “LIMITED”. So I will be out of there later this year.

    The photo gallery will be on a separate page and more to do with the photography stuff i like to do won't affect load time as its not on the main pages. Its also something a lot of people are interested in for things like Festivals and local life. I took some photos of around Minglanilla last month and each post on the facebook pages they were on must have had at least 10 comments per photo. A lot of OFW's like to see photos of back home and how things have changed in their areas. I could sub divide it onto a 2nd blog but to be honest i think moving host will solve the problems.

  2. Tomdean34
    August 7, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    Not sure what causing extremely slow loading of your website. Your website loads very slow compared to most other websites. Could it be all the plug-ins? Maybe your hosting server? Not sure, but just wanted you to know that most websites I access load instantly. Yours sometimes take 10 to 15 seconds even to start to load. Maybe something to look into? As far as a picture gallery, does it fit into your theme as a blog? Maybe you are trying to incorporate too much into something that most people don't care about. I come here to read your views, all the other stuff is just fluff for me. I always say, what is the most accessed website's design? Take a look at Google. It is simple, no junk, and does its job that keeps people coming back. Don't load your blog down with stuff that does not improve it.