Trusting staff with email can be damaging to your business in the Philippines

Recently I have been trying to do more things online out of trying to see what people are actually doing that works with websites as well as help develop this site as well as other ideas. What I did find was a bit odd although expected, I had managed to get an extensive number of restaurants email addresses and contacted them all to discuss free articles at no cost to help promote their businesses. Know who got back in touch? only those with the owners being foreign nationals who monitor their own emails which makes me wonder are companies not monitoring their email addresses or is it more down to the fact the people that should be are no doubt spending time on Facebook and other sites instead of doing their jobs. May sound a bit unfair to generalise but the number of restaurants I contacted was getting onto nearly a hundred to find the only people responding to be owners does make me wonder what is going on with the Philippines and many of its websites. Even registering with BDO for online banking they wanted me to go to my branch and fill in a form that is then sent to Manila before being processed to allow online banking. What is the point of being in the age of technology if nobody is using it?

Now from the other side I know the internet works and often the Philippines is used to test social networking yet the word work is mentioned and nothing seems to function properly. Why its irritating is I know there are talented and hardworking Filipinos out there but where are they when it comes to getting things done properly like basic internet functions like answering emails!

2 comments for “Trusting staff with email can be damaging to your business in the Philippines

  1. Johnph2009
    March 2, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    My step son has been looking for a job localy with good grades and recommendations BUT every job he applies for is given to a relative with poor education after the wasted time interviewing.
    employing family first here is the answer to your question. They have a job even if they are on facebook all day ITS FAMILY

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 2, 2011 at 12:56 pm

      I agree but it still doesn’t get away from the problem these lazy people that don’t actually do any job function except turn up damage business. Maybe a good reason for people not to employ family??
      At the same time even the bigger national companies are often poor on customer service even after employing thousands of people. Its also the reason some businesses could do better locally if they bothered to keep the online stuff going. Many businesses in the UK have 30% online business they never had previously purely by working online and some even larger slices of the pie.