TropicalPenpals has been offline

Some of you may have noticed that Tropicalpenpals has been offline for just over a day. Now at first I thought it was something I had done because I’m currently shuffling sites round to put them in better locations to help Google rankings. But this was the error of wisdom. Basically because of the FTP setup I need to download the site open up in the new location then upload it again. Problem is TP is no longer a small site its actually several GB in size so downloading and uploading is not only slow it increases server load. The guys over at HostGator in their wisdom seen the server load increasing on TropicalPenpals so decided hey!! should we :-

  1. Send him an email asking why so much sudden activity.
  2. Send him an email telling him to reduce server load.
  3. Wait a day and see if its just a fluctuation as its never happened before.

Or what they actually did which was set the index.php to 000 making it inaccessible and taking it offline aswell as not bothering to let me know. So after trying to fix the problem today I found out the problem contacted them and then they wanted to charge me $15 to add Super Cache for wordpress onto my blog.. now if your a newbie and cant access your blog because you cant access the index.php file that starts your domain up. You might have fell for this quick $15 for no work. But the truth is if you for any WordPress blog you will get straight to your admin section. I logged in and added the cache although it isn’t the real problem here. The issue is people touching things they shouldn’t be without at least knowing what is going on.

I’m sitting writing this while i wait to get the blog back online.. (whistle whistle) It seems to be a problem within hosting companies that you may not get many issues but normally if you do its something that could be fixed easily but instead ends up a crisis and both parties getting annoyed with each other.