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Facebook status T shirtFacebook status T shirt

Facebook status T shirt  (our personal blog) Is running a competition this month you will have the opportunity to win a Facebook Status T-Shirt. We have different styles and varieties so don’t worry there will be a status to match you! Now if you don’t want to enter the competition but still want a T-Shirt they are available at P250.00 each and you can reach me via to order them.

Facebook status T shirtSo how do you enter the competition? Well there are a few requirements :-

  • Retweet this post on your twitter account.
  • Like our Facebook page link here.
  • Now this is the hard bit.. You will need to write a blog post on and why you like the blog. Then post it on your own blog / website with a link back to

The competition is open to anyone and if its successful we will look to do a monthly competition. The success can only be measured in the amount of interest “you” as readers take in the blog.

Once you have done the three things above send an email with the following information :-

Your name :

Location :

Information on your retweet/Facebook like and your blog link to the article you have written. Please send this information to

Happy blogging and good luck in the Competition