Tropical fruit cocktail (Dole) – Helps to increase your daily vitamins?

Tropical Fruit Cocktail Dole brand

I recently noticed April was drinking the juice and having a mixed tropical fruit cocktail in the mornings and asked why. The reasoning behind it is Aprils mother is also doing the same after realising she felt a lot better afterwards which here makes a lot of sense with peoples diets as often vegetables and fruit aren’t part of it.

At the same time a medium sized tin of Dole Tropical fruit cocktail is around P62 (less than £1.00) and I am sure a tin is enough for most people to have a week so if it does work which it seems to then I would say give it a try as I find there are many foods I would normally eat in the UK such as a Sunday lunch with all the trimmings and vegetables where here in Cebu I am more likely to eat rice and chicken with a couple of chili on a regular basis. Would be interesting to know anyone who gives it a go to let us know if it does help as I know with the current weather I am struggling a bit daily (could also be the kids keeping me awake late at night and up early every morning, still can’t find a yaya!). But  would like feedback on anyone who tries it just to let us know if they felt they had more energy etc. after doing it for a couple of weeks.

2 comments for “Tropical fruit cocktail (Dole) – Helps to increase your daily vitamins?

  1. Swarfy
    May 2, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    Given the fact thay our blood sugar levels decline at night, any breakfast laden with natural sugars, and being in PLP sugar in general, we get an instant lift in energy. Considering a PLP breakfast will normally consist of rice, the fruit becomes a no brainer. For me it`s oatmeal, keeps me regular and mango or banana, that`s the wake up call.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      May 2, 2011 at 1:26 pm

      I agree at the same time many people don’t organise themselves very well so opening a tin and shoving it in the fridge so its there when you need it would work wonders.. also I can’t eat cereal here as I need proper milk and its something I would need to travel for an hour just to grab from a Co-operative dairy as everywhere else is that Nestle rubbish.