Trip to Carmen (in nothern Cebu)

I was invited by a friend of mine to a function up in Carmen at the Shipyard. We met up around 5pm and headed on up to Carmen in the Jeepy. As soon as we hit the SRP the rain started to come down and continued most of the route. Problem with the Jeepy although it has a fabric roof it needs renewing which led my friends girlfriend to sit in the back with an umbrella up while we received rain in the front from the sides.

With the rain it seemed to have got dark earlier and upon arriving in the area we quickly found that most people either knew of no shipyard or knew of one but it seemed to be in about 4 locations asking the locals. An hour later of running up and down the road and already being late for the function although expecting it to run all night we eventually managed to find it I had joked earlier about at night being unable to see signs because so many are handwritten. For that same reason we found it by trial and error until we were literally parked in front of the sign. We headed down a track and ended up at a small harbour area which seemed to have a lot of older commercial boats in dry dock for repair. Wondering if this was the right place and mentioning a few names the guard let us in. Question was did he let us in because he couldn’t understand what we were saying or if he knew where we needed to go.. we eventually arrived at a new restaurant/bar that had an opening that day which stood out amongst the area as the shiny rosewood timbers reflected the lights and the colonial layout of the first floor looked odd amongst the vessels we had passed. As we climbed the stairs upto the bar area where we could hear music appearing from it became apparent most people had already left or we were at the wrong party. On exchanging a glass of wine with the owner Zeet and his wife we also noticed that there were catamaran’s we could see off the deck and expensive ones at that.

It transpired that the party had begun at 2pm not 6pm when we had expected to have arrived and were a lot later on arriving than 6pm. Everyone had already headed off home. Luckily enough though the person I wanted to see today we managed to leave from there and head to his resort for a chat over a couple of beers so the trip wasn’t a waste but could have been a lot better if we arrived a lot earlier.. but then again beer and afternoon drinking maybe we would have struggled to get back..