Trip To Agricultural Centre Near Gaisano Metro, Cebu, Philippines

Agriculture in the Philippines is one area that seems to be underfunded and could do with more investment to improve the problems the Philippines now faces with coconut trees in the country. At the same time going along to the Agricultural centre near Gaisano Metro in Cebu I got to see what they have on offer to the general public for sale.

The interesting point to make here is there are Co-operatives also operating within the Agriculture centre so if you see plants you can’t get access to ask! Because they are for sale but have a different person dealing with different sections.

agricultural centre - Near Gaisano, Metro, Cebu, Philippines

When you approach the gates it all looks official and keep out, but just drive in its open to the public and you will find sections of plants available on the left and right as you enter the agricultural centre. Shortly after that there is a hut on the left where you will see someone with an orange shirt (Same as the guy walking up the road in the photo). Ask them for whatever your looking for and they will help you locate the plants. Bearing in mind the first section on the right is Mango’s with 3 varieties available and on the left there is a co-op owned one but appears to be mainly ornamental plants. Next up on the left was mixed with fruiting plants (edible) and some ornamentals next to that.

There is also vegetables available but you will need to ask for the guys to show you round as they aren’t at the front there are sections behind buildings further into the 7.5 hectare agricultural site. Including tomatoes,squash and other interesting vegetables. There is also an orchid house with several varieties available recommend going for the hardy red ones you will come across as they flower for longer than most other orchids.

OrchidFruit tree seedlings - Agricultural centre - Cebu, Philippines Vegetables - Agricultural Centre - Cebu, Philippines Seedlings for sale - Agricultural Centre - Cebu, Philippines Plants for sale Agricultural centre - Cebu, Philippines

There are banana plants on site as well worth buying as they give the large bananas instead of the smaller ones you find everywhere in Cebu. There are some interesting hybrids and altered plants in the centre worth asking what is good for your garden etc. At the same time be aware that you are in the tropics and some of these plants do get huge!