Top Filipino food snacks

I was bored the other day and decided to put together a few snacks from the store with the prices varying from P1 each to P6 just to give people an idea of what you can buy for the money. At the same time I don’t eat them so difficult to give an idea of what they all taste like unless I do a food test. If there is enough interest I will work through the list of snacks just so people know what they taste. Generally though I am not a “snack” person but in the interest of descriptions would be willing to do it.

Bingo chocolate biscuit Bingo chocolate biscuit Cookie Crunch biscuit Fish Crackers Funky french fries snack Nova chips Oishi Cheez and chips Oish Cracklings - salt and vinegar Rainbee snacks oishi - prawn crackers oishi - pillows Red chilli P1 snacks Yari Ka! snacks happy peanuts yip yap snacks Japanese sweetcorn snacks Tiwi snacks Nestea - Iced Tea pack  Koko crunch snacks Kopicko brown coffee Super crunch corn chips Hamas sweets Judge sweets Cream-o snack Chubby chocolate Maxx candy snow bear candy mentos candy cool candy X.O. candy barnuts chocolate and peanuts snack Pee wee