Top 10 Reasons why foreign guys choose Filipino women as wives.

10. Household chores are a norm in the Philippines and I have to hear a woman complain about doing them.Want to be part of your life,

9. Quick to forget, Although tantrums appear (tampo) from time to time generally after 24hrs things are forgotten and not dragged out for days.

8. Happy to go where you go, Haven’t met anyone who doesn’t enjoy the same sports or travelling that their partners do.

7. Proud of their partner, I have yet to hear someone say anything negative about their marriage or husband if anything its the reverse.

6. Childish nature, is something that shines through in many Filipina’s and also one of the reasons they are fun to be around.

5. Value opportunity in the marriage may seem the wrong thing to say but its a valuation of the marriage and that they are prepared to commit to it lifelong.

4. Friendly, even if it has nothing to with relationships you will find Filipino women are generally friendly towards others.

3. Family first is something that is brought up regular and its very much the case as Filipina’s generally put family and husband before themselves.

2. Rarely complain about life in fact more likely to be positive about things and content with what they have.

1. Naturally beautiful women, The Philippines in all fairness have an overwhelming number of the most beautiful women on the planet compared to other countries.