Top 10 reasons for living in the Philippines as a foreigner


10 – Easy to navigate visa system.

Dealing with paperwork over the years written by government officials and advisors I often wonder if at least half of it is even needed. Visa processing in the Philippines seems to revolve round an afternoon of paperwork and then just waiting rather than complex forms and exams.

9 – Easy access to the rest of Asia and Australia.

No point being in Asia if your not going to visit it. The Philippines is conveniently located pretty much in the middle of all the other countries allowing easy flights to other nations.

8 – Cheap internal transportation.

The public transport system is not only reliable but very cheap allowing movement around the Philippines easily.

7 – Cheap property rentals.

There is an abundance of houses and apartments that have been constructed and not enough people to afford the rentals so often you will be able to rent an amazing home for a fraction of something the same size elsewhere on the planet.

6 – Corruption works both ways for easy processing.

Corruption is a burden to the nation as well as one of the things that keep cogs moving. Bit of an arrogance where the rich can afford to skip queues and having processing done swiftly but you also fall into that bracket. Unfair? perhaps but in the UK ever noticed that the banks have a separate lounge for their premiere customers? No?? that’s the difference its hidden away in other countries but still exists.

5 – Sunshine nearly every day.

Even when it rains it feels a bit of a blessing due to the temperature drop giving a more ambient temperature.

4 – Respect of older generations

This is something that still exists although seems to be disappearing slowly as more western ideals leak into society. Enjoy it while you can..

3 – A country full of natural beauty from mountains and volcano’s to diving.

There is beauty everywhere and many untouched parts of the Philippines. You may have to move away from the cities to go and see it but at least it still exists.

2 – Friendly locals.

Locals are generally friendly all round and welcoming to outsiders visiting their country.

1 – Beautiful women who want to be your partner

People grow 10ft tall upon arriving in the Philippines as they are regularly approached by women seeking to be their partner. Its one of the main reasons many people are here in the first place it may all be a bit plastic for many on the surface but over time things can develop into a serious relationship and later marriage.