Top 10 Gifts For Your Partner And Relatives

Matt Wilkie Philippines

10. An Income – Something that the family can do but be very cautious on what you invest in. Ive heard all sorts of horror stories of families falling out. Vehicles being left to run until broken aswell as other things. Main thing is use a bit of common sense and discuss what is expected in return. e.g. if you buy a relative a motorcycle to create an income make them well aware they have to maintain it very  well including topping up the oil etc.

9. Essentials – One thing I realised earlier this year is something that’s more practical than expensive could be the best gift ever. The one we bought was an Electric pump that simply gets rid of the manual pumping of water which was a major change as pigs needed washing down. Reduced the workload from literally hours to less than 30 minutes a day.

8. Mr Cadbury’s – This is pretty much worldwide but UK Cadbury’s chocolates taste a lot more milky and creamy than the Malaysian counterparts that are delivered in the Philippines. Chocolates go a long way to make smiles (just try not to send too many or those smiles will be missing some teeth).

7. Smells – Perfumes, soaps and shower gels. All possessions people love and getting good quality ones in the Philippines can sometimes be difficult or expensive.

6. Laptop – A very prized possession but not only for your partner and family. But it gives you the ability to stay in touch no matter where you both are.

5. Cellphone – One of the most prized posession’s of status in the Philippines is a new mobile phone. Maybe because its something thats not so obvious in public but when with friends etc. can show it off.

4. Camera – One of  the top things people love especially at this time of year is taking photos. What better than a new digital camera.

3. Balikbayan Box – Sending a box home from your home country full of gifts for all. Not only are they products that are from abroad but people appreciate you took the time to think about them.

2. Be home – Being home for Christmas is a flip between first and second place as there is no place like home for you or your partner. Being together is what really counts.

1. Visa – A visa to travel/live in your home country. But be aware these are in short supply even for Santa!