Too much technology and too much Chinese junk

As i sit here i was just about to write another post using my Canon camera but it doesn’t link to this Toshiba laptop as it has a “driver error?” works ok with my other Toshiba though. Should use a memory card reader right? we are on our second one the first one a pin snapped off and the new one got so hot i really don’t want to plug it into my USB port as it seems to be faulty a CDR-King special. Thing is its guaranteed for a week or more.. but does that cover blowing the USB on an expensive laptop would they replace that? I think not as guarantees here are very similar to Hong Kong no surprise there as most of the big business here is Chinese owned. “it worked when you left the store”. Buy branded I hear you say i have three Toshiba laptops the first one is a few years old and rock solid. The latest two are 2008 and 2009 models both suffer severely with overheating issues to the point i have to reduce the core speed to stop them resetting themselves and shutting down. No guesses for where they are now manufactured, it seems quality is dropping off the map quickly replaced by unreliable and inefficent Chinese junk. Bad news for the Apple guys out there aswell as you know where all that gear is coming from as well. Manufacturing has gone Chinese crazy and it needs to stop quickly i would happily pay double for something that works properly! because lets face it a lot of these goods coming out of China you will probably replace five times in the live cycle of one good quality piece of equipment. I think the world is mad for letting so much manufacturing head East especially offloading the latest technology and manufacturing equipment into a country that is famous for copying, corrupt methods and more importantly protective trading to its own benefit. How would i stop the ball sliding into China? its not upto me its upto YOU stop buying their stocks! me i have stopped buying literally everything except food lately. I have my PC’s,TV’s, phones and 101 other gadgets i have dropped from the consumerism trail if it isn’t needed im not buying it.

I find it bizarre that when people were looking at the state of world economies they were working on the basis of how the high street sales are. Wake up call nearly everything on the high street is imported which means all that money in some way is heading abroad. Secondary most people are loaned upto the hilt so any Christmas money was infact money people are paying off for months. The consumer animal has to change its colours and traits from a beast that lurks in the sales to one that buys what it needs and repays that mounting pile of debt. Get debt free and stay that way, releasing those shackles puts you into a whole new world where others borrow from you don’t rely on bank interest though there are plenty of other systems out there you can use to gain more income. Previous societies involved buying what you can afford and needed where did it all go wrong?

Either way im boycotting as much Chinese stuff as i can although its bloody hard here as the Philippines imports so much of it and a lot of it is worse than the usual crap you find at Argos in the UK. Pot handles that turn side ways because they are fixed with a single screw, NEXT (yes the branded high street store) plates that have misfired or discoloured are sold here and not at scrap value. Or maybe you like your designer labels? Sketchers, Puma, Nike, Adidas are all here you can pay a P1000 for a genuine sports top or P150 for a fake and you can’t tell the difference the quality is exactly the same. The west has given China its branded nations on a plate. Although i am a bit disappointed with the quality of fake Nokia’s, iphones etc. as they are very obviously bad copies. Whatever happened to the old years of Hong Kong where they would just run extra orders off and go via the backdoor (with management involvement)?

Why am i so anti Chinese on goods? the answer is pretty obvious its junk! not only that its overpriced junk that is sold as quality by using those branded labels i used to rely on and  expect things to last 5 years to the point now i am looking to change from Toshiba completely for example thus they lose someone who has always bought Toshiba but what do i buy? To be honest probably won’t out of principle my market and money has been stolen by inferior Chinese goods and my brands have sold me out and all those workers that once worked in the factories in the West. Manufacturing and farming are backbone economies and the UK has surely forgotten that its madness its pretty obvious why our debts on the nation are so out of control. The owners of these big corporation names mind are now battling to keep control of their industries as China doesn’t mind copying stealing, rewriting, rebranding, abusing and using in its venture to dominate the market. The big corporations have pretty much lost its teeth in their battle to keep the empires going as its unleashed a sleeping dragon that really doesn’t care what they think.

2 comments for “Too much technology and too much Chinese junk

  1. Tropicalpenpals
    June 18, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    Hi Allan the Philippines manufacturing which previously was upto 100,000 laptops per month has moved to HDD and the laptop production moved to Hangzhou China it also moved its Shanghai production to Hangzhou as well. Which originally began its movement in 2005.

  2. Allan Raymond
    June 18, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    I think you will find most Toshiba laptops are made in the Philippines.