Tony Blair and the Philippines

Back in August 2008 was a time when Tony Blair came sniffing around the Philippines as most countries seem to believe that he made a difference in Northern Ireland. Like most things to do with Mr Blair its all false..balloons and celebrations yet nothing really achieved. Back then I wrote how the things in Ireland had improved but still the same “troubles” existed because groups such as the IRA have heavy criminal activity involvement which is why things wouldn’t be given up so easily. Also bearing in mind that a lot of activities similar to that carried out by such groups exist in most cities throughout the UK but never hit the news headlines unless it involves children. Why? I was once told by a senior police officer “we don’t want to scare the public”. But telling everyone Iraq is going nuclear and creating an environment in the UK that assumes every Muslim is trying to kill us is perfectly fine? Not dwelling on the politics too much as its Tony Blair that is the issue I don’t know why other countries see him as something amazing when he would suit a jesters hat more readily. He should just disappear into obscurity what bugs me about him and the fools we have been dumped with in his Labour Party is they are all grinning at the British population when you see them but they have pretty much served us up to Europe on plate to be divided up for infrastructure, financial sectors and resources. Ok you could say a lot of this started in the Thatcher years but wasn’t the reason the Conservatives lost that major election was to make change??

To reinstate the fact Tony Blair hasn’t done a thing in Ireland to stop the Real IRA for example :-

Detectives are also combing CCTV footage of Saturday night’s fatal shooting at the Passerine Barracks in Antrim.

Around 60 bullets were fired at the helpless victims, Sapper Mark Quinsy, 23, and Sapper Patrick Aikman, 21, as they took a pizza delivery shortly before deployment to Afghanistan.

Two other servicemen and two pizza delivery men were injured at the base’s gates during the 30-second onslaught.

Dissident republicans claimed responsibility but there has been unanimous condemnation across the political divide of what is seen as an attempt to destabilise devolved political power-sharing institutions.

Officers are hoping the discovery of the gunmen’s getaway car may yield forensic evidence after attempts to set the vehicle alight failed.

The green Vauxhall Cavalier, found seven miles from the base and carrying the registration TDZ 7309, was bought two weeks ago.

Explosives experts checked the car before a closer examination is carried out.

Det Chief Supt Derek Williamson said police are making progress but warned the investigation is in its early days, and added: "I have to reiterate we need public support."

The two young soldiers were the first to be murdered in Northern Ireland in 12 years since Lance Bombardier Stephen Restorick was killed by an IRA sniper in 1997.

Article taken from MSN News. One thing I would like to say is my heart goes to the families of the soldiers. But also want to say to people that these sort of things happen every day around the world with our troops yet most don’t make it into the media if they do its very small articles. People need to be aware that the peace in Ireland isn’t 100% and splinter groups are hard or impossible to control due to they’re construction as cells. I wish there was peace in Ireland but beatings and other things happen all the time which don’t even get  a mention in the media yet its all part of the same cycle of violence and intimidation. Im just sorry that we are living in such a censored society in the UK which allows things to grow to a major problem on the back burner due to trying to keep people like Tony Blair in a good light to help him make a career out of his mistakes being hidden.