To stop posting or not is the question

I’m getting to the point where I am running out of things to post this run as I have  a lot of other things going on which wouldn’t be so interesting to the average person on TP. Because we have an airsoft tournament I’m currently gearing up for and stripping my guns down to upgrade. Exciting?? Depends what your idea of fun Now I don’t go on a lot of the other forums anymore simply because I most of the topics are the same and replied to by the same people most things can be researched on the forums via achieves without a single post. One thing that may be missing though is if your BRITISH you can get your paperwork that used to be done in Manila here in CEBU at the consulate so be aware you don’t need a day in Manila for a bit of paper chasing. Anyway getting back to the blog I do it simply out of giving information there is no real money in it infact there are free blogs running on my server for members who asked. It basically covers its expenses (just about). Could it be bigger? Yes but I try to avoid the pitfalls of the other blogs and sites who are touting for sales of they’re own products and services that then make it very biast. Recently someone approached me regarding vehicle hire which came in at around P3,500 but I got a better deal via someone else and got it arranged at P2,500 where is my profit? I could have rented it at P3,500 and pocket the difference but I’m not like that. If someone asks me to search and wanted to pay for my time that is different but when asked do I know its a free service because I do things as a friend. Aswell as liking to help revenues get to the people in Minglanilla as its now my home town. Anyway this post is getting to the point where I’m not sure if I will be writing anymore, not because I don’t want to but simply I write here each day and literally over 500 articles now exist offering everything from how to get through immigration to vehicle hire and hotels. The biggest problem is virtually no feedback is given I know many of you find the blog useful and I would like things bouncing back and forth on comment replies aswell as maybe a few personal posts of your own. You may not think they are that important but people really do enjoy reading articles about Cebu and the rest of the Philippines. If you stopped in any of the hotels or know of something not listed please email me and I will add it. This is your blog and site as it is as much mine. But for over a year and a half I have given up at least an hour everyday to add information and the benefit I get from the blog is new friends but more comments will mean more people interlinking and hopefully more community spirit will develop. Anyway I leave it to you..