To see what is going wrong in the Philippines you only have to look at Africa and its Charities (NGO’s)

First off some charities do actually help but the majority don’t and aren’t designed to. I often wonder if some have been manipulated or in fact designed to keep people locked in a false state of security and life to allow certain countries and companies to benefit from the resources of the country. A contract tied to a government is only as good as stopping civil war and removal of the heads, having NGO’s operating in the country with AID camps and the like stop people starving and take money from the taxpayers of other nations while companies extract things like diamonds and other resources at knock down prices. Prime example of this was Mugabe from Zimbabwe receiving $100million from a UK company before the last elections which is how he stayed in power. Well the mad man has changed his mind and obviously wants more now threatening to take British and U.S. companies within the country by wanting 100% ownership of them unless sanctions are removed on the country. How many NGO’s are in Zimbabwe? hundreds, in a country where the government is land grabbing and systematically killing its own people but where there is resources to be mined there are Western companies still operating. If NGO’s were removed from there as well as other countries with similar regimes what would the chances of revolt and uprisings against their corrupt leaders be?

What happens with AID camps is that people come in from provinces and remote parts to take part in food camps, this starts land being emptied and left unfarmed. People are often looking for security as well as an opportunity to have the bellies filled with food. The problem is it makes the problems worse over time as the longer people are at camps the less land and food that becomes available to market making the problems worse. On top of this AID organisations do not offer any security and often rape, robbery and killings are rampant in AID camps as well as infiltrated by the same governments people are running from. Haiti for example is struggling to take control of the AID camps currently due to the prison breakout during the earthquakes which allowed over 4,000 prisoners to escape who then quickly took over the make shift camps causing mayhem, rape and murders. The real reason why people are questioning the budget for Haiti relief as obviously its a country that offers very little in benefit to companies and so the AID package is questioned to the benefits it would actually bring with the high volume of corruption in the country and gangs roaming the streets freely.

Some NGOs do work but its about responsible assistance teaching farming methods that help the communities, irrigation and an introduction to sustainable living. Livelihood projects are things that are needed as well as removing people from feeding program areas back to the regions they came from. Dealing with the problems in the areas they left as obviously they had been in those areas for generations but gave them up for various reasons. Although NGO’s are supposed to be non-political in fact they are just as involved as the Police beating people in the streets as false hope is just as sour unless the projects look for change and improving the lives of the people involved. One of these things is naming and shaming the companies that are operating and benefiting from corrupt regimes. Showing how the link of poverty is linked to extractions of minerals, although it may be dangerous within the country there is nothing to say you can’t source information for others to bring about change. If you want to help its the only way to stop countries that are corrupt staying corrupt, weeding them out and their leaders and chasing them to the ends of the earth so they cannot go and hide in an allied country as publicity can remove their assets and throw them in jail or even better back to the countries they came from.

Now we discussed Africa what about the Philippines? Well for a start NGO’s are a developing industry here not as well established as Africa but already its affects are being seen. There was a discussion this week regarding people at a local garbage dump that came from other islands. They came here because the garbage is a way to make a living, not one we would no doubt choose but to them it is a solution. Once this started NGO’s start feeding programs that then encourage more people to come from the other islands and within no time you start to see the development of a shanty town that shouldn’t exist. What is the solution? finding out why they came and where they came from. Working with them back in their region and not here as the solutions are not only cheaper but also much more likely to be sustainable in the provinces compared to a city.

NGO’s have changed peoples mentality to “someone will take care of us” instead of taking care of themselves. In the UK we have a benefit system for unemployed where many will never look for a job or have any interest in doing so, there are now 4 generations within some families where not one person has worked in their entire life. Is this fair that they have become the burden of industry and workers? Well AID camps are playing the same game same as most NGO projects. Work ethics as well as people learning to look after themselves are paramount to changing people’s attitudes for the better. I myself have struggled to find work in the UK but in most cases its been a couple of weeks maximum but what about others 40 years of not one job there is no excuse.

I am anti NGO when it comes to negative assistance. Medical missions such as immunisation or general medical needs I agree with same as permaculture and other farming related assistance. But food programs unless its emergency short term disaster relief should be avoided at all cost its the plague of the 21st Century.

3 comments for “To see what is going wrong in the Philippines you only have to look at Africa and its Charities (NGO’s)

  1. Steve
    January 25, 2011 at 11:08 am

    No, to find out what is wrong with the Philippines dont look at Africa. Start looking at home. The last thing that the Philippines needs is Aid and Charity. Fifty years ago the Philippines had the advantage of being one of the only countries in the region where the people had a good command of the English language. This should have given it a distinct advantage in the region. It also had a fairly good education system. Even today the number of Philippinos with tertiary education is high. This gave them a sense of superiority and arrogance among their neighbours. The sad thing is that they are quite happy to use those qualifications to wash the bums of people less qualified than them. The Philippinos squandered whatever advantage they had through complacency, the maniana habit, corruption, dependency and arrogance. Today they lag behind Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and many other countries in the region. South Korea which has half the population of the Philippines is today a significant player in the economy of the Philippines. Perhaps the Philippines can learn some lessons from countries such as Singapore which upon becoming independent rejected Aid from donor countires, except for education and training. As long as the Philippines and Filipinos have their hand out and not endeavour to resolve their own problems, they will have to accept the terms and conditions imposed on them by donor countries and organisations – which may not always be to the advantage of the county and the people.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      January 25, 2011 at 11:53 am

      Agree.. my point with NGO’s and charities are they are a “FAKE” friend.. anything they bring only brings a bigger burden.

    • Mchristine077
      January 27, 2011 at 11:51 am

      Yes Steve, agreed in all points above, especially on dependency in the guise of “family ties”. Too many Filipinos risks lives and limbs going abroad seeking a better income to fulfill the family expectations, all in the name of “family ties”. And so many get burned out and realizing too late that their sacrifices only fostered dependency. This is a rut that the Filipinos need to shake off. But of course they won’t.