Times are changing June 2008

I arrived back in Cebu earlier this month and have been here for over a week now. There was an argument while i was away between my wife and an aunt which seems to have spiralled to a major dispute not 100% what fully went on. But the results seem to be pretty major. Normally there are plenty of happy smiles when i arrived but this time there are very few visitors and in some cases seems like being avoided. Maybe its more to do with the rental charge that been added to the house.. But either way things don’t seem normal and the lack of contact between people seems like its unlikely to get any better. Not something I’m used to, much rather take it outside and within 20mins everything is over and done with. This dispute is months old if being avoided over the rent seems a bit childish or if thought to be so wrong why bother doing it in the first place? Its a drop in the ocean to what was planned and it woke me up to how some members of family function only on the $ regardless of all else. I learned a valuable lesson that many other expats already have had to face. You cant always trust the people around you and many smiles turn to greed when you turn your back to long. Its something i was hoping wouldn’t be part of family life here in the Philippines for me and my wife. But we seem to have the same mentality issues that most expats have to deal with at some time.