Time Out With The Kids

Recently things have been getting a bit hectic as the curve for making money online has gotten a lot easier and its more a case of chasing the money now than working out how to. Big problems in the way currently are the noise levels all around me regardless of where I am. We have now come to a decision to relocate into one of the apartments due to it having good sound proofing and to be honest likely I will be locking myself away from 9 – 5 in an office capacity to start developing the business properly (TP?) TropicalPenpals is part of it but its not where the main money is this is why I say if your going to blog don’t do it on the Philippines! its not a big earner compared to many other things that are easier to do and doesn’t need as much data. Internet problems are still here at the main house after someone tripped over the cable and unplugged it so today we lost the internet for day 6. Over at the apartment does have the internet but I prefer using the desktop PC for working as I can get more done in the same amount of time. Will just take things easy this week while things start to fall into place. The Peso-Peso machines also have to wait until Monday as the manufacturer is out of town. Just want the first one then will replicate the design and electronics to make another and also look at renting some units to other sari-sari stores that we know have internet already.

Ewe inside a bag, child in bag

So earlier had a bit of a time out, firstly me and April headed off to Gaisano to grab a new bag for equipment on the scooter (got this camouflage bag for P100) as well as some grocery shopping. As you can see someone has taken a liking to the bag already as a swing. Maybe an idea for free child travel to Disney perhaps?

Was good to have some time out with the kids though and did get me thinking about a day off and heading to the beach or a resort just to relax and let the kids have a swim. We are surrounded by resorts just lately though things have got more like an 24/7 business and its about time I throttled back a bit on the work side as its probably going to do me some good as well as the family to relax and unwind more instead of pushing forward all the time. Saying that the 9-5 Monday to Friday may actually be a good idea as it will also structure things so I don’t need to be working so many hours as simply a lot of things become stop start because your available (although you shouldn’t be!).

Zoei also got a tea set today which has been a pretty serious affair. She hasn’t stopped using it all day and even now she came home with a cup and teapot sitting making tea even at bed time. Wish kids were so easy to please in the UK as I can’t see many kids happy with the simple things that in my own childhood were action man and toy soldiers. Today seems kids are becoming more and more obsessed with electronics.

I have to admit though the expats I do know that work here in Cebu,Philippines do put the hours in, its something a lot of people don’t realise when sitting back on a pension or when people are looking to find work here. Locals often do 12 hours a day 6 days a week or in the case of some factories they don’t leave until the owner leaves which can mean working 3-4 hours extra in a day for no other reason than the fact the boss is still there.

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  1. ezra noreenove
    July 17, 2012 at 12:19 pm


    i love reading your blog. it’s like a glimpse of some else’s mind but my own.