Time management is crucial to business in the Philippines

Something often overlooked in the Philippines on business is time management as often being late is seen as “Filipino time” and everyone seems to do it from low level to senior management or even government. Thing is this is a key advantage you can have over others because its unacceptable same as making sure people are always busy as this automatically makes people look for jobs they need to do rather than you finding them not doing anything and making work for them. I learned this habit from a fast food restaurant I had in the UK where if the restaurant is quiet or empty the staff that think its ok to stand and chat will quickly be found on a broom or a cloth rather than doing nothing. Once there is nothing to do then fair enough but lets face it there is always something that needs doing!

The other side of this is though is personal time management as well as employees. Most businesses fail here not down to corruption but the lack of hands on by people to keep things under control. The problem always comes back to trust and something you can’t leave to just chance here. Don’t believe me why do you think places like Gaisano have 3 people doing the job of one at the checkout? Why do you think even in a grocery store your bags are packed by someone else then a guard looks at your stuff on the way out.

On personal management try to fill your day with 8 hours a day at least initially until you find its making profit to a sustainable level (as I know many people here are looking for an easier life), this way you can see where you need to concentrate your time to make it work and on less hours you know that you need to watch ABC more than DEF but always keeping an eye on everything as well as random intervention to keep people on their toes.