Tiling concrete sink unit in apartment 2 – Philippines

Tiling concrete sink unit in apartment 2 - Philippines

The new worker had extended the unit out which Tom had noticed from the last photograph I hadn’t noticed at the time simply because I hadn’t expected it. At the same time when the internal frame was removed it fell off. Why? because the worker hadn’t extended the metal bars into the front end although had added another 2” of concrete onto the frame. Not really a crisis just a waste of time and a bit of concrete. At the same time he got paid a day rate and because of that he ended up finishing late so no loss to me and the unit went back to where I wanted it to finish. As the frame he also used I have now cut down to create an inner frame so that I can add 3 x doors and a wine rack. The doors will form up a double unit under the sink for cleaning materials etc. with a single unit to its right for storing pots, plates and cups with the wine rack to the far right. Tiling the concrete sink unit was also extra work because of the rough front which I have now had to chip away and level up. Good news as you can see is its almost there and looking pretty clean and tidy. Another 3 edge trimmings to the top will be added tomorrow for the part on the left.

Is the tiling a bit colourful? the reason behind that when we decided to tile the concrete sink unit was that the room will be painted in a summer yellow which the colours will blend with quite well without being too heavy on the eyes. Also having it bright makes the room look bigger. Once this unit is finished I will be moving on to constructing the wall unit that will sit above the sink. Hope my P18,000 is just around the corner as it would be an easy job with a table saw as I hate cutting things by hand. Call me lazy or call me modern but if you have the right tool for the job as the phrase goes if you have a dog why bark yourself.

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  1. Tropicalpenpals
    March 18, 2011 at 1:15 am

    The sink is actually where I originally wanted it, the previous photo with the exposed steel was a 4″ front edge its now back to 2″ which is about right for what I want. The unit is 600 wide like I said looks deceiving with distance but its based on a 600 x 600 fridge unit installing on the end that will sit in line with the rest of the unit. I didn’t want it right on the edge for the simple reason of people dipping their top in the water if loose hanging due to the strainer. The other important thing to notice is the sink has an edge all the way round so water shouldn’t end up on the tiles.

    As regards doing it 2 – 3 times this happens from time to time unless you sit there with a book and watch over them like a hawk. Generally people have this bad habit of doing “what they think best” which for me generally screws up what I wanted doing. E.g. the spot lights and boxing in the ceiling both things were organised and sorted for them but they still go out their way to do the opposite. Its right through the culture though as I even in farming old methods get done even though people have been taught more efficient and higher yielding methods. As soon as you turn your back they drop back 30 years in farming.

    Its not just the simple things such as basic design people get wrong but mixes of concrete, sizes of re-bar, spay of a roof, size of pillars for supporting a structure, size of footings the list goes on. Thing with designs is an architect is cheap here there is no excuse for bad planning. Doesn’t mean it will end up 100% the way you want it as you can’t be there all the time and the undoing and redoing just seems part of the course here as nobody cares about waste because its not theirs..

    Before someone says hey you can use a contractor with a fixed price, problem with this is they skimp on things just as much and e.g. the concrete mixes or re-bars seem to find money disappears and the quality reduces. A common practice here is to get receipts with 20% extra added to them as people rip you off. I asked a friend about this who runs a contracting company and basically its “normal” so to be honest want a good job 9/10 you have to do it yourself at the same time doing it yourself involves reading and getting the bits that aren’t understood done by professionals at the same time getting a basic understanding of even those parts will save time and money.

    The main reason I wanted a look at the concrete forms for the kitchen area is to see if its cheaper than doing it in timber and it isn’t the amount of wood used to shutter up the form was enough to make the cabinets I wanted in the first place but hopefully this month will be getting my new table saw as I do have another kitchen to construct for the main house as well as the 3rd apartment.

    • Swarfy
      March 18, 2011 at 2:25 am

      Correct on all the above, my point of fairly recent experience was building a concrete water tank. When using Sahara or the bostik equivalent they both stress that it`s very important to mix 1 bag of sahara to one bag of cement , SEPERATE from the aggregate, we used this method right throughout the construction of the swimming pool, excellent results then proceed to the 16 cubic metre water tank, 30 metre from the pool, same people and lo and behold i spot them throwing all the stuff, sahara, cement and aggregate into one pile and mixing away, oh it`s ok, we always do it that way, this is blah blah blah, in the exact spot is the place we have our one and only leak, these companies rarely spend money on research and development for no reason. As it`s in the area of the floor drain and it was due a clean out and freshen up we have drained it and am painting the floor with epoxy primer, after 3 coats of that it will be perfect, but we slipped and done it the PI way and i paid the price!