Thomas Ruhland Foreigner Who Committed Child Abuse in Talisay, Philippines Part of Paedophile ring.

prevent child abuseIts a local known fact that Talisay seems to have become a child abuse hot spot. Although I do find people seem to skim over the top of it or in fact ignore what other expats are up to completely. This is where I differ with a lot of the other guys as the Bikini bar stuff isn’t my scene or interest at the same time the girls in them are adults and its also up to the legal authorities to deal with it.

Minors on the other hand are often caught in situations they cannot control or deal with, even introduced to it via other minors or manipulated by relatives or people grooming them for sexual abuse. What I also find odd is the defence mechanism many people have to either condemn an expat or justify it as entrapment and corruption without any facts or information.

Today’s revelations relate to Thomas Ruhland a German national arrested previously in February.

Now instantly I know some people are going to say the girls are 16 – 17 so almost adult age. At the same time this was the tip of the iceberg as Mabuhay as he was known online has cropped up wanted by ICE in relation to the big arrest and closing down of a Paedophile website with over 600 members that exchanged images of child abuse and rape that is obviously where the images of the girls were heading to be shared with other members.You can get a list of the people wanted in connection with sexual exploitation of minors as part of that investigation here.

I would just like to say though often people ignore things going on right in front of them for various reasons. But this is one of the reasons I don’t use a nearby expat bar.