Thomas Hunt – CDO Philippines

I have been very busy lately and ended up having to back track through a story as it all seemed bizarre. I couldnt believe someone would do this to another human being nevermind her husband. On top of that a good friend of ours Daisy tried to help and unexpected events happened.

The story begins in Yuma, Arizona where Mr.Hunt resided with his wife who arrived alongside him in December 2005. The events that proceeded ended up with Mr.Hunt seeing most of his assets and finances being frittered away alegidely by his wife which also included giving up his home to pay the debts. He then proceeded as agreed with his wife to head to the Philippines and search for a new home in CDO in May 2008. His wife was to follow as soon as her green card had been renewed. What actually happened was he was left abandoned in the Philippines with little or no money and his wife moved in with her boyfriend in Fairfax, VA. Keeping all the money and even cashing in Mr Hunts SS cheques every month. Now stuck in the Philippines his visa had now expired as all his money had been stolen by his wife. Although she had told her relatives she would send on his SS money but family only confirmed $500 being sent. As if things couldnt get much worse Mr.Hunt then fell seriously ill in January and although fit enough to leave a week later he  didnt have enough money to pay his bill. Which basically left him stuck in the hospital as they refused to release him. The bill at that time was around P5,000 to P10,000 (less than £200). He was a type I diabetic and believed to have also have a brain tumor. He was re-admitted and the bill had now reached P150,000

This is where an appeal appeared on an expat forum to try and help Mr Thomas Hunt return home or pay his bill. Aswell as the fact he badly needed A- Blood.

Tom Landry.

Tom Hunt is really in need of assistance!
His condition is getting worse. He started to hemorrhage (from the mouth and nose) and has internal bleeding as of yesterday. He is in URGENT need of A Negative blood donations. Apparently the Red Cross in CDO does not have any A Negative blood available. If you do have A Negative Blood type it is requested that you immediately contact Daisy Cline at 09204388883. She shall help coordinate the blood donation(s) with the Red Cross and Polymedic General Hospital.
Apparently the hospital was reluctant to move Tom into the Intensive Care Unit without some payment towards his bill. His wife has abandoned him and he really doesn’t have any family that can assist. His step-son (Ted) is involved and trying to assist. He is trying to work with the US Embassy and many other organizations including Tom’s old church in Yuma Arizona. He is going to try have the church do a fund raiser for Tom. We are trying to have Tom returned to the US for further medical evaluations and treatment (possibly Brain Surgery and Chemotherapy) . However, we may be running out of time. Tom Hunt’s condition must be stabilized before he could return to the US.
In an effort to assist Tom Hunt, my wife and I were able to send $100.00 and have this delivered to Daisy.
It is requested that members of this Ex-Pats group join together and assist with his Diabetes Insulin and the hospital bills. If you can assist this man in need it would be greatly appreciated. All donations should be coordinated with Daisy Cline.
I know that if I were in his condition, I would appreciate the assistance of others. Who knows, perhaps someday we will need the assistance of others.
Please consider to “Pay it Forward” and assist this man.

Tom and Alicia Landry

The next events that proceeded was the expat community doing its best to try and help Mr.Hunt in anyway they could. Rallying to help pay the bills aswell as source blood. Its hard to contain how I feel about his wife as her actions have pretty much left Mr.Hunt pennyless and in the end managed to take his life by leaving him abandoned in the Philippines.

I have to say the actions of the community helped where they could and although they were unable to save Mr.Hunt the thing is they tried a person unknown to most of them but as part of humanity they tried to save him.

To Everyone Involved,
Earlier today we learned that Mr. Thomas J. Hunt passed away about
11PM PI time. We would like to take this opportunity to thanks each
and everyone involved in assisting Mr. Thomas J. Hunt during his
time of need.

It is now the time for all involved to greive and put past events
behind us and let the healing proccess begin.
Again we’d like to thank you for all your assistance.

I will be contacting the Oversea’s Citizens Services on Monday 27,
APR. 09 to coordinate assistance with bring the body home. I will
also be calling Ted Hammon today so that he and Janelaze can decide
where they would like Mr. Hunt to be buried.
Thank you,
Albert Dermott

At this point things seemed to be going to a final close.. what had been done is a lot of donations and an expat community trying to save one of its own.

But a final twist in this nightmare story unfolds.. :-

After all we have done for Tommy, we might end up facing a legal battle against
those accusing us making money out of Mr. Hunt( We the Expats Ladies Charities
Inc ). Today we were thrown out from the wake of Tommy Hunt to the extent of
calling out the security guard to lead us out like criminals and pigs.
A certain Aunt of Janelaze Hunt who is working as a clerk of court in the hall
of Justice in CDO have accused us also making money out of Mr. Hunt. And added
that they don’t need us, neither our help and moral support because its all
their concern , not ours ( of course ).
They called the security guard to threw us out of the funeral parlor naming as
names that nobody has ever called any of us. What an experience! Now , this
person who was accusing us told us that they will sue the organization and
questioned our legalities. She seemed so serious in her threats. As a result of
these threats we spoke with an attorney today .
The organization in the first place wanted to finish what we have started since
the sponsors who donated for Mr.Hunt’s medications wanted to be updated.
Be it known to any persons that this organization was formally and officially
created in one purpose only to reach out to our less fortunate brethren. We were
all inspired to make this organization possible after the successful feeding
program spearheaded by the organization last December for all of you who may
Regarding the Mr.Hunt issue, we just came to the funeral
parlor to gave respect
and know the further details of the interment but we didn’t expect the reaction
For now, we are waiting for the case that the woman was talking about that she
We all thought that now that Tommy is deceased the situation would be over but
it seems it is just the start of the battle the organization will be facing.
We all have the documents and official receipts to support what has been posted
in various forums.
What happened will not stop the organization to stop caring and for reaching out
. May the good Lord bless us in all endeavors and good luck to us girls.

A few other things have developed which cast doubt on where the SS money was going and who really was pocketting Mr.Hunts money.. either way he was left to die in hospital only people helping him were wives of Expats doing what they could and with the support of an Expat community.